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Free Letter I Worksheets

Free letter I worksheets for tracing – download them here!

These printables come in two different layouts – lined and unlined – choose your favourite or print them both! Letter tracing is a fantastic way to start your children forming letters.

Letter Tracing I Sheets

Here are the two different layout styles you can choose from, though the downloads on this page are the letter I of course!

trace letter I

These free letter tracing sheets are available for each letter of the alphabet. However, if you want to save yourself some time, get them in a single file from our shop below.

If you’d like to support the website while saving yourself some time, you can grab the entire workbook for $6.99. This is by far the fastest way to download both of the letter tracing workbooks and printing them off!

Your kids will adore these colorful alphabet tracing sheets!

As you will see, there are even a few parts for them to color in. If your children are anything like ours, there has to be some coloring to do on every page!

Fun Letter I Facts

Share these letter I facts with the kids!

  • The 9th letter and one of 5 vowels in the alphabet
  • The 5th most commonly used letter in the English language
  • Though it’s the least used vowel
  • Pronounced /ˈaɪ/ – for those who read IPA!
  • One of the few letters which stand alone – I!
  • In Roman numerals, I represents number one
  • In chemistry, I is the symbol for iodine

Letter I Tracing Page

The letter I is probably the easiest of all the letters for children to start producing, both the lowercase and uppercase variants, though being able to trace it still helps a lot. It’s easy to remember how to draw when they aren’t copying as well!

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