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Free Letter B Worksheets

Quickly and easily download these free Letter B worksheets!

There are two different layouts – lined and unlined. Print both out if you like and let your child try each layout.

Letter Tracing B

This is an example of what your worksheets will look like, but with the letter B of course!

trace letter b

You can download free letter tracing worksheets for every letter of the alphabet. Get all of the other sheets from their respective pages.

Navigate to the letter you want or find out how to get the whole alphabet tracing workbook in one file below.

To save time you can purchase the entire workbook for $6.99.

Purchasing the workbook helps to support the website but those who prefer FREE letter tracing worksheets have that option.

Fun Letter B Facts

Fun facts about the letter B – share the relevant ones with your kids!

  • The second letter and first consonant in the alphabet
  • It is the 20th most commonly used letter of the English alphabet
  • In chemistry, B is the symbol for the chemical element boron
  • It is written /ˈbiː/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • In linguistics, it is described as a voiced bilabial stop

Letter B Tracing Page

We hope that with the help of these letter B worksheets your children will soon be writing their first letters and words.

And thank you if you’re able to support the site by purchasing the entire workbook to download and print in one file!

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