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Free Letter F Worksheets

These free letter F tracing worksheets are yours for the taking!

Choose from the two different layouts – lined or unlined – or print out both to see which your child likes best.

Letter Tracing F Sheets

The two different styles look like this, but with the letter F of course!

trace letter f

We have free alphabet tracing worksheets for every letter – download them from their page.

Alternatively, find out how you can get them all at once from our shop below.

If time is short, you can purchase the entire workbook for $6.99. Get it in one file for printing rather than downloading the 26 individual pages separately!

Purchasing the alphabet tracing workbook helps to support the website, so thank you if you’re able to do that!

Fun Letter F Facts

Everyone loves fun facts about the letter F, don’t they?

  • The 6th letter in the alphabet
  • The 15th most commonly used letter of the English alphabet
  • ℉ the degrees Fahrenheit symbol is one of the most recognizable symbols
  • It is written /ˈɛf/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • F’s origin is the Semitic letter waw
  • In linguistics, it is known as a voiceless labiodental fricative

Letter F Tracing Page

Teaching our children to read and write is one of the most exciting things. We hope these F trace sheets help your kids to get started!

Tracing letters is a good and beneficial way to help them to learn how to form the letter correctly, and aren’t those early letters that they draw so cute!? Let us know if you have any questions or comments down below – good luck with the letter F worksheets!

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