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Free Letter M Worksheets

Download these free letter M worksheets and start teaching your children how to write!

We have two different layouts – with and without lines. You can print them both or just go with your preferred style. These letter M worksheets will help your kids to start writing their first letters.

Letter M Tracing Sheets

The multiple different styles look this this, though the downloadable PDFs on this page are the letter M of course!

trace letter m

Download letter tracing worksheets for each letter of the alphabet from their respective pages. Alternatively, if you would prefer to download and print them faster, purchase them as a single file workbook from the shop below.

Download both versions of the entire workbook for only $6.99 from the shop!

These letter tracing worksheets have multiple activities that will keep your kids busy while learning.

There is:

  • the main tracing activity
  • coloring in the top left block
  • sounding out the colored images
  • room for them to write their own letters without tracing

Fun Letter M Facts

Share these Letter M facts with the children!

  • The 13th letter of the alphabet
  • The 14th most used letter in the English language
  • Pronounced /ˈɛm/ – for those who read IPA!
  • In monetary terms, M means million – $100M
  • In Roman numerals, M equals 1000

Free Letter M Tracing Page

Our hope is that these M tracing worksheets will help your kids learn to write.

Tracing is a great method for helping them to form their first letters. Alongside other worksheets, books, and videos we’re sure they’ll have the hang of it in no time!

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