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Free Letter A Worksheets

Easily download these free Letter A worksheets for your kids!

We’ve got two different layouts – lined and unlined – depending on what you prefer. Or, like us, print out both. Children can quickly get through these tracing letter pages!

Letter A Tracing Worksheets

trace letter a

We have free letter tracing worksheets for every letter of the alphabet. You can download all of the other sheets from their respective pages.

Navigate to the letter you want, or find out how to get the whole alphabet tracing workbook below.

If you don’t have time to download each page individually you can purchase the entire workbook for $6.99.

Learning the letter A is perhaps the most significant being the first in the alphabet, so have fun with it!

Fun Letter A Facts

Here are some fun facts about the letter A that you could share with your kids:

  • One of our 5 vowels
  • The second most commonly used letter in the English alphabet – E being the first
  • One of only 4 letters that are doubled up at the beginning of a word – Aavark, for example
  • It is written /ˈeɪ/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • There are 7 sounds in English represented by the letter A
  • The earliest known ancestor of the letter A is the Phoenician aleph
  • In Roman times, there were varying forms of the letter A
  • The lower case a is used to represent known quantities in algebra
  • A is used to denote something of greater worth or quality – A+, for example

Letter A Tracing Page

We hope that with the help of these letter A worksheets your children will be writing their first letters and words soon!

Thank you if you’re able to support the site by purchasing the entire workbook to download and print in one file. Find out more about the workbook here.

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