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Free Letter Tracing Worksheets | Alphabet Tracing Sheets

Tracing the letters of the alphabet is one of the best ways for children to learn the letter forms.

We have created these FREE letter tracing worksheets for you. Print them out and start teaching your kids how to write the English alphabet today!

Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

We have two types of FREE alphabet tracing sheets – one with lines and one without.

For example, the letter A worksheets – they are the same apart from the lines.

As you can see, each page has lower and upper case letter tracing for each letter, along with colorful images of items starting with that letter. Children who enjoy coloring can also color in the top-left image and letters!

Both sheets have some space for your child to form the letters by themselves after having traced them.

These are FREE alphabet tracing worksheets, in either (or both) layout, which you can download through the links below.

Free Tracing Worksheets

Here is where you can download each of the tracing worksheets for free – see below on how to download as a single file workbook.

Navigate to the letter you want, or find out how to get the whole alphabet tracing workbook below.

Alternatively, to save time downloading each file individually, we sell the entire download of the letter tracing workbook in one file.

If you are happy to pay $6.99 for the workbook and to help support the site, then you can go to the listing here.

This will make it easier to print the whole letter tracing workbook out in one go. You can even have it bound to keep things tidy and have a wonderful keepsake to show the kids when they’re older!

If you prefer, you can choose to purchase the letter tracing workbook over on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers:

The Benefits Of Tracing

It is debated whether tracing letters is developmentally appropriate – some say it’s effective and beneficial, while others say it’s a ‘very bad idea’ and harmful.

There are studies on both sides ‘proving’ the argument either way (of course).

We believe, and have found with our own children, that tracing the letters of the alphabet is a good method to use alongside other techniques.

If all you are ever doing is letter tracing then that’s probably not going to suffice – but who actually does that?

We all tend towards a more holistic approach to language learning.

There is tracing, there is copying, there are letter matching games that help develop familiarity with the forms, and so much more.

Various apps these days even help to start children writing the alphabet, such as ‘Eggy Alphabet’ from Reading Eggs.

What we’re trying to say is that you can’t go wrong with a bit of letter tracing in the mix, and our alphabet tracing sheets are a good way to get started!

Tracing Letters Worksheets

Whether you choose the Free tracing letters worksheets or to purchase the workbook, we hope it helps to teach your children to write the alphabet.

Alongside other resources like 100 Easy Lessons and Hooked On Phonics, your kids will be reading and writing in no time!

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