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Free Letter E Worksheets

These free letter E worksheets are a great way for your child to start writing!

We have made two different types of letter E printable which can be downloaded now – lined and unlined.

Letter Tracing E

Your letter tracing sheet will look like this, but with the letter E of course!

trace letter e

We’ve also got free letter tracing printables for each letter of the alphabet. Download the other sheets from their pages below. Alternatively, you can get the whole alphabet tracing workbook in one click – find out how below!

To quicken up the download process you can buy the entire workbook for $6.99.

Purchasing the letter tracing workbook helps us to continue working on these products, so if it’s within your budget then thank you for the support!

Fun Letter E Facts

Here are some fun facts about the letter E:

  • The fifth letter and the second vowel in the alphabet
  • It is the #1 most used letter in the English language
  • Its name is pronounced /ˈiː/ in IPA
  • One of the early sources of E’s form is the Greek letter Epsilon
  • The symbol for the Euro € is derived from the letter E

Letter E Tracing Page

Using these letter E tracing sheets your kids will soon be writing their earliest legible letters.

With the help of some phonics training, the Hooked On Phonics app, for example, they’ll be putting words together in no time. It’s good to use a range of activities to teach your children to read!

Let us know if you have any comments or questions down below!

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