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Making Friends In Early Childhood – The Best Qualities

Friendship is important for all people of all ages, not least of all pre-K and K level children.

As our children start meeting and playing with other young kids outside the home it’s good for them to be aware of the different qualities that make good friends. This will also help them to be a good friend to others!

Early Childhood Friendships

Best qualities in childrens friend

We have made a simple 2 page printable that you can use to teach your pre-schoolers or K-level children more about positive and negative qualities in others.

Simply cut out all of the different qualities and ask your child to sort them into good and bad character traits. Those who aren’t reading yet will need help, and even those who are will have some unfamiliar words which need explained.

Each set of words is bordered by a different color (unless you print in black and white) which will help them a lot!

When it comes to thinking about and discussing these qualities, both good and bad, I think we can all agree that all kids have a bit of everything in them. The idea is not to become judgemental about kids with negative traits but to encourage them towards the good!

Positive Qualities

Most of these ‘good qualities’ can be explained in simpler terms to younger children, though if you do this activity with them a few times they’ll learn the meanings!

How pre-school kids think about the meanings of these words: nice, plays with me, shares, doesn’t hit, or likes me.

Negative Qualities

It’s important to tell our children that part of having the ‘green qualities’ means they will be gracious and helpful even to those who aren’t so kind to them.

No doubt, if your children have siblings, they will have experienced and shown the behavior from all columns to one another!

Making Friends Resources

How to be a good Friend from River Valley Go Kids!

How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends – a fun read-aloud that helps children identify good and bad behavior.

Making Friends

Making friends is important, and being a good friend will help your children to have the best friends.

Learning how to treat others with respect and dignity is one of those most foundational stones. Hopefully this simple activity will help!

For something a bit different from this free printable, check out this beach scavenger hunt – your kids will love it!

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