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Free Beach Scavenger Hunt For Kids!

A beach scavenger hunt is a great way to make a trip to the beach even more exciting. Especially if there’s a group of you with lots of young kids!

We’ve put together this checklist of things to find at the beach. While scavenger hunts are for all ages, this free printable will be best for 3 – 7-year-olds. We recently used it at our 5-year-old’s beach birthday party and it went down a treat! Download these beach treasure hunt ideas below.

Beach Scavenger Hunt Printable

This scavenger hunt has 21 different things to find – some will be very easy, (like the dog), and some will be more difficult (like the fish, potentially).

Some may be near impossible depending on where you live. Most beaches near us, for example, don’t have starfish, so we cross that one out beforehand or instead write in a local creature.

We recommend laminating the printable and the children can then tick the items off with a dry-erase marker or similar. However, there’s nothing wrong with just printing out a copy to use once. There are so many great beach treasure hunts out there it’s fun to try a new one each time.

Beach Treasure Hunt Ideas

We live on the coast and there are a number of different beaches we can go to – some are totally deserted while others can be quite busy.

This particular scavenger hunt will be easier to complete on busier beaches, though you should be able to find most items on any beach around the world!

beach scavenger hunt ideas

This treasure hunt is suitable for use at birthday parties at the beach, picnics with family and friends, church gatherings at the beach, or even just as a family. Whatever occasion you need a printable beach treasure hunt for, we’re sure this one will do the job!

I’m sure we don’t really need to say this, but make sure you’re supervising your kids while they do the hunt. Treasure hunt items like seaweed, limpets, and starfish will likely take them closer to the sea or have them on rocks and we don’t want any accidents!

If you’re downloading our printable beach scavenger clues for a vacation, check out our friend Donna’s beach vacation packing list. There are plenty of items on there that are easily forgotten!

And if you like free printables, check out this lifecycle of a pumpkin worksheet or these Very Hungry Caterpillar images.

Alternative Beach Clues

If you need to replace one or two items from our free beach treasure hunt printable, here are another 120 ideas that can be substituted!

  1. Seashell
  2. Piece of driftwood
  3. Crab
  4. Sand dollar
  5. Starfish
  6. Seagull
  7. Sand castle
  8. Kite
  9. Beach ball
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Beach towel
  12. Lifeguard
  13. Beach umbrella
  14. Picnic basket
  15. Beach bag
  16. Flip flops
  17. Sea glass
  18. Bottle cap
  19. Beach chair
  20. Surfer
  21. Sunscreen
  22. Ice cream
  23. Frisbee
  24. Fisherman
  25. Plastic bucket
  26. Beach comb
  27. Fishing net
  28. Lighthouse
  29. Dune buggy
  30. Cooler
  31. Seaweed
  32. Volleyball net
  33. Jellyfish
  34. Dolphin (if you’re lucky!)
  35. Beach bonfire
  36. Sand piper
  37. Boat or yacht
  38. Beach hat
  39. Beach picnic
  40. Sand crab
  41. Wet dog
  42. Palm tree
  43. Snorkel gear
  44. Paddleboard
  45. Sea turtle (if you’re really lucky!)
  46. Swimsuit
  47. Barefoot prints
  48. Seagull footprints
  49. Dog footprints
  50. Someone reading a book
  51. Child building a sandcastle
  52. Family playing beach games
  53. Someone applying sunscreen
  54. Sailboat in the distance
  55. Waves crashing on the shore
  56. Person wearing a bikini
  57. Person wearing a one-piece swimsuit
  58. Hermit crab
  59. Person wearing a hat
  60. Someone wearing a beach cover-up
  61. Sea oats
  62. A colorful beach towel
  63. A striped beach umbrella
  64. Sea sponge
  65. Watermelon
  66. Picnic sandwich
  67. Beach bbq grill
  68. Beach cruiser (bicycle)
  69. Baby in a beach tent
  70. Kayak
  71. Seashell necklace
  72. Surfer van
  73. Metal detector
  74. Scuba diver
  75. Lobster
  76. Shrimp
  77. Octopus
  78. Whales in the distance
  79. Sand toys
  80. Sand shovel
  81. Child wearing floaties
  82. Bucket and spade
  83. Seagull eating
  84. Sand footprint
  85. Igloo cooler
  86. Cocktail
  87. Beach music speaker
  88. Person listening to music
  89. Ice cream truck
  90. Beach shop
  91. Fishing rod
  92. Seagull in flight
  93. Beach fence
  94. Sunset
  95. Sunrise
  96. Hot sand
  97. Cold water
  98. Beach pebbles
  99. Beach path
  100. Rope swing
  101. Message in a bottle
  102. Buoy
  103. Public beach sign
  104. Flotsam and jetsam
  105. Terns
  106. Coconuts
  107. Coral piece (don’t remove from the beach!)
  108. Mangrove trees (if you’re near a lagoon)
  109. Conch shell
  110. Pelican
  111. Beach berry bush
  112. Stingray (in water, do not touch!)
  113. Oysters
  114. Clams
  115. Pearl (inside an oyster, if you’re very lucky!)
  116. Sand flea
  117. Sea cucumber
  118. Sea urchin
  119. Mermaid purse (shark egg case)
  120. Osprey or another coastal bird

And lastly, check out this Star Wars scavenger hunt for a different list that can be done around the home.


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