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Free Beach Scavenger Hunt For Kids!

A beach scavenger hunt is a great way to make a trip to the beach even more exciting.

We’ve put together this checklist of things to find at the beach. While scavenger hunts are for all ages (of course), this free printable will be best for 3 – 7-year-olds.

Beach Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt has 21 different things to find – some will be very easy, like a dog, and some will be more difficult, like a fish).

Some may be impossible depending on where you live. Most beaches near us, for example, don’t have starfish.

We recommend laminating the printable and the children can then tick the items off with a dry-erase marker or similar.

However, there’s nothing wrong with just printing out a copy to use once. There are so many great hunts out there it’s fun to try a few!

Beach Treasure Hunt

We live on the coast and there are a number of different beaches we can go to – some are totally deserted while others can be quite busy.

This particular hunt will be easier on the busier beaches, though you should be able to find most items on any beach around the world!

beach scavenger hunt ideas

We’re in the middle of the coldest wettest summer in living memory and haven’t had a chance to test this beach scavenger hunt out in the wild yet, but we’ll add some more pics once we do!

I know our girls, aged 3 and 5, will absolutely love looking for all the items!

I’m sure we don’t really need to say this, but make sure you’re supervising your kids while they do the hunt.

Items such as seaweed, limpets, and starfish will likely take them closer to the sea or have them on rocks and we don’t want any accidents!

Hopefully, they have a great time – doing a scavenger hunt at the best may not be quite as exciting as visiting the world’s top aquariums or something like that, but it’s still pretty cool!

If you like free printables, check out this lifecycle of a pumpkin worksheet or these Very Hungry Caterpillar images.

And if you love scavenger hunts, also check out this Star Wars scavenger hunt!


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