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Free Homeschool Lesson Planner And Tracker – Print It Now!

We’ve put together a free homeschool lesson tracker!

I have needed a lesson tracker like this for a while now, and have just found time to put one together.

I’m ordering books and getting ready for the next homeschool year, and have found that lesson trackers keep us motivated and on top of things! T

hey are also good for record-keeping purposes.

Free Homeschool Lesson Planner

best homeschool lesson tracker

Here’s how to use this free lesson planner:

  • Write in the subject you are learning about or the book you are reading
  • Write out all the lessons you wish to complete
  • Tick or highlight the lesson as you complete it
  • Print multiple copies to cover all your subjects or books

You can also use this sheet to record your lessons after you have completed them, as a way to keep a record of work accomplished.

Each subject includes 36 boxes to write down up to 36 lessons (or you can combine lessons if you wish).

Why Track Or Plan Your Progress?

It’s easy to get discouraged by the amount of work we need to complete. If you tick off your progress you will stay motivated and on track.

If you are a little disorganized, being able to keep a record of completed work is really helpful. If you’re able to plan your lessons in advance, this will take away a lot of stress from your homeschool day.

Depending on where you live, you may also be legally required to show the work you are completing. In the event of a homeschool audit lesson, trackers and planners can be used as evidence you are teaching your child.

Homeschool Planner

Use this as a preschool lesson planner (as I am doing to start off with), or for your older students. It will be suitable for both.

Whether you are teaching your kids to read English with 100 Easy Lessons or going through something like this Kindergarten French Workbook, we hope you find this lesson tracker helpful.

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