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Think Outside Boxes Review: Outdoor Subscription Boxes For Kids And Teens

Are you having trouble separating your child and their digital devices?

Do you need help getting them to spend more time in the great outdoors?

Luckily for you, there is a service that aims to help you achieve both of those goals.

Think Outside boxes offer an educational experience that will encourage your child to spend less time cooped up at home and more time exploring the nature surrounding them.

Read on to learn more about this unique service in this Think Outside boxes review and how it can benefit your child.

What Is Think Outside?

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In this golden age of the internet, children spend less time in the real world and more time traversing digital worlds.

That’s where the goal of Think Outside comes in, helping your child create an unbreakable bond with nature by encouraging them to spend more time in it with monthly boxes filled with gear and activities that will have them experiencing real-life adventures regularly.

What Are the Benefits of Using Think Outside?

No matter what, if you spend your hard-earned money on something, every product or service must have good benefits that make it worth the expense. These are the top five benefits of using Think Outside boxes.

1. Less Time on Digitial Devices

Because your child will spend time completing activities and challenges in the nature surrounding them, they will spend less time on their digital devices and more time going on adventures in the great outdoors.

2. More Time Spent Outside

These boxes focus on getting your child outside as they complete their monthly booklets filled with activities and challenges; they will spend more time outside enjoying nature than inside.

3. It’s Educational

Thanks to the curated content inside each box and the fun activities and challenges, your child will learn more about the natural world and how it operates.

For example, your child will learn beneficial skills like using pulley systems and acquire valuable information such as how water filtration works.

4. Builds a Bond With Nature

Learning more about the nature around them will increase your child’s bond with nature.

It becomes less of an unknown challenge and one that can be understood and respected.

After a while, your child will learn to enjoy the outside environment all by themselves as well. They just need to be shown how.

So if you’re in Ohio for example, they can look up beetles in Ohio, print out a list, and then attempt to find them all. Our kids love doing this type of insect scavenger hunt!

5. Increases Confidence in Children

Since your child will develop knowledge of the natural world, they’ll increase their confidence in interacting with the real world.

Nature will no longer be a scary abstract concept. Instead, it will take on a real-world value.

What Are the Drawbacks of Using Think Outside?

Unfortunately, no matter how good a product or service is, there are always drawbacks that make you stop and question whether it’s worth the expense.

These are the top three disadvantages of using Think Outside boxes, in my opinion.

1. The Cost

Families might find it challenging to pay for this service consistently, especially if they live on a tight budget.

2. Parental Guidance for Younger Children

Younger children who want to participate in the Think Outside standard boxes will need parental guidance to effectively complete the challenges and activities.

3. Some Older Kids Still Won’t Like Them

Let’s be honest no two children are alike, and even though these boxes provide so many benefits, fun activities, and challenges, some older children won’t like them.

That’s not because the service lacks anything but mostly because of their general attitude.

The boxes don’t teach or offer anything too advanced either. You’re not going to learn how to make aloe vera oil, for example, or how to propagate a cauliflower.

They are designed for kids, but they won’t be suitable for kids that are especially proficient in these areas.

Are There Different Versions Available?

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You might wonder if Think Outside boxes suit your child’s age.

Well, you don’t have to worry because Think Outside boxes are available for children as young as four and as old as 16+.

Think Outside boxes get divided into two different age groups, with their standard and junior boxes. I’ve included a short introduction to the various box types and a brief explanation of each box.

Think Outside Standard

Think Outside standard is ideal for older kids between the ages of seven to 16+.

Think Outside standard boxes focus on building your child’s confidence with the outdoors.

They achieve this by creating fun challenges with quality educational gear that will grow with them. In turn, the outdoors becomes less of a daunting place and instead becomes a

Think Outside Junior

Although the initial goal of Think Outside boxes was getting older children, especially teens, to spend more time outdoors, Think Outside expanded its services to include younger children.

Think Outside now offers boxes, especially for younger children. Think Outside Junior boxes are ideal for children between the ages of four to seven years old.

Think Outside Junior boxes focus on the what and why questions about nature with the goal of making it fun to play outside.

In turn, making it fun to play outside means as these children get older, they will likely spend more time outside of their own choice than being told to do so.

Plans And Pricing

how to use think outside boxes

Now that you know more about the boxes and their accompanying benefits and drawbacks, let’s discuss the different plans and pricing available.

There are four plans: monthly, quarterly, half-year, and full-year.

For your convenience, I’ve included the various plans and a breakdown of their pricing.


Monthly plans renew every month and cost $44.95 a month.


Quarterly plans renew every three months and cost $174.40 for the first quarter, and then every quarter after that costs $129.45.

The first quarter’s price difference is because the intro box (which includes the most gear) costs $44.95. So you pay $129.45 for the first three months and then $44.95 for the intro box, for a total of $174.40.


Half-Year plans renew every six months and cost $295.75 for the first six months, and then every six months, it costs $250.80.

The first six month’s price difference is because the intro box costs $44.95. So you pay $250.80 for the first six months and then $44.95 for the intro box, for a total of $295.75.


Full-Year plans renew every year and cost $530.35 for the first year, and then every year after that costs $485.40.

The first year’s price difference is because the intro box costs $44.95. So you pay $485.40 for the first year and then $44.95 for the intro box, for a total of $530.35.

Main Takeaways

Now that you’ve finished this Think Outside boxes review, you better understand what this service offers, how it can benefit your child, and its potential drawbacks.

In the end, the cost of these boxes is well worth all the knowledge, experiences, and memories your child will acquire, thanks to the many benefits the Think Outside boxes offer and the high-quality gear they will receive.

Alternatively, Green Kids Crafts is another good subscription box for kids that can help get them outside.

Check out our free frog stomp activity for another fun outside idea for kids.

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