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Frog Hop Games For Preschool: FREE Printable Froggy Games!

Most kids love frogs and most kids love jumping, and our kids, at least, are absolutely thrilled when they get to play frog hop games!

Being able to pretend to be a frog is, in our children’s opinion at least, a great way to spend an hour. Us parents don’t mind the energy that’s burned off in the process either.

We’ve got a free set of printables you can use to play this game with your children too.

Froggy Jump Exercise

Frog hop game for preschool kids

Please download these free frog hop printables to play this game with your children.

Besides giving the children something fun to do outside for a while, frog hop games are good for developing gross motor skills.

These are those skills that “involve movements of the large muscles of the arms, legs, and torso.”

When they try and imitate a frog, it means they’re thinking more about what their body is doing and how to move it. The younger the child, the cuter this can be!

It’s probably not one of the best activity ideas for women’s ministry, but it’s great for around the home, and could be suitable for a kids’ camp or birthday party.

Froggy Game For Kids

There are a number of ways to use these free frog game sheets, but here’s how we have mainly used them so far…

We place the printed and laminated pages outside around our property (could also be used inside!) and start at number 1.

The children have a range of tasks to complete which will depend on what age and stage they’re at.

Here are some ideas:

  • Finding the next sheet in sequence
  • Hopping between the sheets like a frog
  • Looking at and describing the differences between the frog pictures
  • Reading out the new verb on each sheet and thinking about what that movement might look like
  • Collecting up the sheets as you go through them for the last time of the day
	jump frog jump activities

Our kids loved running about finding the next sheet.

The first time we did it there wasn’t actually a whole lot of hopping going on, it was all about the hunt for the next sheet!

However, once we’d done it a couple of times they got the idea a bit better.

	frog activities for toddlers

We go through the course a few times each time we play and make sure we spread them out over a large area to get maximum exercise!

leaping frog exercise

There are different verbs on each of the sheets, all synonyms of hop, though some of them may not usually be applied to frogs!

One example… ‘Bound’ like a frog…?

I have certainly seen some cane toads bounding in Australia at least!

free froggy games

Placing sheets in unusual places makes it all the harder to find and collect, and also gets a few laughs if they’re somewhere unexpected!

leapfrog exercises

By number 8 most of us are a little tired of hopping, leaping, bounding, skipping, jumping, and springing like a frog – but we can at least discuss the new word!

The great thing is you can do it all again the next day in different locations and it’s brand new.

Frog Hop Games

hop in the frog and leap

I’m sure you can think of many other uses for these sheets as well – there are certainly no rules on how they must be used!

If you think you can put them to use then please download them here.

They can be used with young children from 2 – 6, or older. They can all have fun with it and get a little bit of froggy exercise.

Many homeschoolers use such printables as part of a ‘frog study week’ in their homeschool.

We haven’t done this yet, but would love to find some tadpoles to study and watch transform into frogs!

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