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Green Kid Crafts Reviews: What Are They All About?

Most kids love to craft and build – I know mine are obsessed with it!

Their imagination and their desire to learn new things pair up to inspire their creativity. That’s why you see all sorts of art projects for your kids – it works well as a teaching method!

With summer vacation starting for students, parents are looking for ways to keep their kids engaged and learning outside of school. Several services online offer activity boxes for children, but there aren’t many like Green Kid Crafts.

If you’re wondering what the difference between, say, Green Kid Craft vs. Kiwi Crate is, then let’s take a look at this Green Kid Crafts review. That way, we can see if their activity box subscription is a good fit for your kids!

About Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts was founded in 2010 by Penny Bauder, a mother, and environmental scientist.

She loved sharing her passion for sustainability and crafts but disliked the amount of waste she saw in many kid’s craft activities. Penny began to work on crafts that would teach about environmentalism and sustainability without introducing more waste itself.

To fulfill Bauder’s idea, Green Kid Crafts made a few guidelines for itself. The company believes that, as long as they can follow through on these promises, then their mission will be served to their customers.

Natural and Sustainable

One of the main goals of Green Kids Craft is to be natural and sustainable. This business does what it can to source the materials for the crafts and shipping boxes from nature. That way, Green Kids Craft isn’t adding more waste than they have to into the environment.

They also try to use sustainable materials where possible. Recyclable or biodegradable products are favored by Green Kids Craft their products. They’re also always on the lookout for new eco-friendly options for their packing and shipping boxes.

Eco-Minded Promises

Green Kid Crafts partners itself with other organizations to realize its eco-friendly vision.

One of the largest partners is OneTreePlanted, a nonprofit organization that plants one tree for every dollar that they receive. They work to reforest areas, so Green Kid Crafts donates one percent of their sales revenue to this organization for their efforts.

The business also works with CarbonFund, an organization that works with businesses to offset their carbon emissions. Through this work, Green Kid Crafts has offset their carbon emissions from their business to maintain carbon neutrality, keeping themselves from contributing to climate change.

A Known Responsibility

It’s one thing to be sustainable, and another thing entirely to be transparent about it. Green Kid Crafts tries to be as open as possible about its environmental policies. All the info we’ve gone over so far can be found on their website and blog.

This transparency comes from a place of understanding their role as craft suppliers. Green Kid Crafts wants to show that they hold themselves accountable and prove that they mean business about climate change. This way, the parents and children that receive their products can focus on having fun and exploring their world, rather than worrying about a sustainable future for the environment.

What Green Kid Crafts Offers

green boxes review

Now that we’ve spoken about their business model, let’s look at what Green Kid Crafts has available on their website’s store.

Standard Offers

Green Kid Crafts offers a subscription model for their craft boxes.

For a monthly price, you pay them to receive a monthly kit that includes activities based around discovery and the environment. The base price for these boxes is $29.95 a month, but Green Kid Crafts offers a discount depending on how many months you elect to buy. If you order from the Green Kid Craft website, there’s no charge for shipping if you ship within the United States.

The activity boxes are divided up based on age. They offer a Junior Box, which has activities for kids between the ages of two and four. There’s also a Discovery Box, which has activities for kids between the ages of five and ten.

Extra Options

You can also shop for activities based on subject or season on the website. There are options for hands-on learning, educational activities, and science experiments that aren’t part of the normal subscription boxes.

The shop also offers limited-edition boxes. There are Ultimate versions of the two subscription boxes that include five different activities from the shop bundled together for a group of kids or the whole family. There’s also the Environmental Activist bundle, which has activities that help kids learn about the environment and what steps they can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

Summer Camp Boxes

summer camp boxes

Green Kid Crafts also offers boxes geared towards summer camp activities. Called Camp Green Kids, these boxes are prepackaged activities for kids based around a certain theme.

For example, there’s a Gifts Made By Me Box that has all the supplies kids would need to make creations like what the kids would send home to their parents, like postcards and ornaments. There are almost two dozen options on the Camp Green Kids shop, so there’s an option for almost any child’s interests.

Each of these Camp Green Kids boxes also comes with a PDF that has extra camp activities that can be done at home. Between this and the online activities, you’ll get access to with a 3-month subscription, and it’s easy to create a stay-at-home camp experience for your children!

All of these can be added to your cart at checkout with the Green Kid Crafts coupon code SUMMERCAMP.

Green Kids Crafts Review

Overall, our Green Kid Crafts review finds that their activity subscription boxes make for a great educational supplement. This is especially true for schools or as an alternative to a summer camp.

The activities are easy to understand and follow and are made with the environment that they teach about in mind. The price for the boxes can run high for some families, but that price includes online activities that aren’t immediately obvious to someone just browsing through the website’s shop.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your children busy and having fun this summer, Green Kid Crafts’s options are a great way to do so. And, if you’re looking for a mail-out kit for babies and toddlers, check out the Lovevery Play Kits!

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