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16 spring activities for kids that will entertain them for hours

As winter ends and flowers begin to bloom, it’s the perfect time for you and your kids to get out and enjoy the new season. From outdoor activities to creative projects indoors, there are a wide variety of fun spring activities for kids.

Whether it’s planting a garden or painting a colorful spring picture, the possibilities are endless for spring fun. Join us as we explore a variety of activities to keep your family busy this spring.

Outdoor activities for spring

what can kids do outdoors in spring

After being cooped up most of the winter, it’s time to get outside and enjoy nature. The hardest part will be deciding which spring activities to do first.

Picnic in the park

As soon as it’s warm enough, pack lunches and blankets and head to the park for a picnic. If it’s still cold, bundle up and head out. The kids can eat lunch and then play with their toys for a while. It’s a good way for them to release all that extra energy while getting some fresh air.


Plant a miniature garden in small pots or start your larger garden for the year. Have the kids help choose which seeds to plant and water them together. Check their progress daily and watch them grow. We have a free lifecycle of a pumpkin worksheet which is good for younger kids.

When the weather gets warm, we all like to get outdoors and play soccer or throw the football in the yard. When they were younger, we all would start a garden together. The kids loved to play in the freshly tilled dirt and look for worms. And dropping the seeds in the dirt was always a much-loved activity! Being outside in the spring is our favorite thing to do as a family!

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Nature crafts

Collect sticks, rocks, pinecones, and other items from outside to create crafts from nature. Glue the objects onto paper or cardboard or just arrange them in the yard to create different designs. Add other craft supplies to make your projects even more colorful.

Rock painting

Collect or buy smooth rocks and paint them outside. Take the kids to the park or another public area to hide them for others to find. Many communities have rock-hiding groups. Search online for local groups in your area.

Bike parade

Invite some friends over for a bike parade. Have the kids decorate their bikes with paper, streamers, and other objects. They can form a line and parade down the driveway or through the neighborhood together. Parents and neighbors can be invited to watch for added fun.

Outdoor movie

Project a movie on a white sheet in your backyard. Set up lawn chairs and bring blankets out to keep warm. Snuggle up and watch a movie as a family.

Cloud watching

Take a blanket outside and lay on your back to watch the clouds. Look for shapes and watch the clouds move. Challenge the kids to draw what they saw.

Nature walk

Take a walk in nature, whether it’s on a hiking trail, at a park, or in another natural area. Encourage the kids to collect small items they can use for crafts. You can also incorporate a scavenger hunt and give the kids a checklist of things to find on your walk. Download our free beach scavenger hunt if you head towards the sea.

We love to celebrate the spring equinox and the days getting longer. We have a large family and our favorite spring activity for kids of all ages is heading out for a nature hike. The younger kids play in the mud and the rest of us forage for wild edibles and look for spring birds!

Sarita Harbour, An Off Grid Life

Outdoor storytime

Take a blanket and some books outside to read stories together. Whether it’s in your backyard or at the park, it’s nice to get some fresh air while reading.

Sidewalk chalk

Get out the sidewalk chalk and let the kids make art on the driveway or sidewalk. Challenge them to make spring pictures like rainbows, flowers or butterflies. You can also let them be creative and use their imagination.

Make bird feeders

Make bird feeders by spreading peanut butter on toilet paper rolls and rolling it in birdseed. Before adding peanut butter, punch holes in the top and add a string so you can hang it from a tree when the kids are finished. Hang it in a nearby tree and watch the birds enjoy their treat.

Indoor activities for spring

ideas for kids activities spring indoors

While it is important to get outside, sometimes the weather doesn’t allow it. These spring activities for kids are great for those days when you can’t go outdoors.

Bake spring treats

Make flower-shaped sugar cookies and let the kids decorate them with spring-colored sprinkles and frosting. Bear claw cookies are another fun spring idea. You can also use a boxed cake mix to make cupcakes for the kids to frost in spring colors and decorate with pastel-colored candies.

Explore spring activities for kids with science by doing experiments like creating a water cycle in a jar or observing seeds through a plastic bag. To observe seeds, wrap a seed in a damp paper towel and then place the towel in a plastic bag. Tape the bag to the window and watch it grow.

Make kites

Create your own kites with paper, streamers, and string. Make them just for decoration or get more technical and create kites that you can fly when the wind is just right.

Rainy day art

Paint pictures or create art on a rainy day. Model the art after the weather outside by painting umbrellas or raindrops. Kids can also make rainsticks with toilet paper rolls, rice, corn kernels, and small noodles. To keep the items inside the roll, place duct tape on each end. Shake it up to make it sound like rain.

Indoor obstacle course

Create an indoor obstacle course with furniture and other household items. The kids can jump over objects, crawl under objects, and walk on top of other things. It is best to do this somewhere that has more open space, like a family room or basement. Our free frog hop game for preschoolers can be adapted for indoor use as well.

Spring activities for kids

kids activities after winter
After being stuck inside for most of the winter, it is great to do some spring activities for kids outside. Inside activities are helpful for really cold or rainy days when you can’t go outdoors. Work your way through this list all season.

Heidi is a Certified Elementary School Teacher in the Inland Northwest and has been teaching for 17 years. She is also a vintage recipe blogger at Real Life of Lulu, where she focuses on recipes that are at least 50 years old, many from her grandparents’ kitchens. When she isn’t teaching or baking, she loves spending time with her husband and three kids.

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