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Bookroo Review: Helping Kids To Learn To Read

While most children wait until their first years of school to learn how to read, kids learn about words and language much earlier than this.

Many parents recognize this and do what they can to teach their kids how to read and communicate early on. However, finding books or resources for their kids can be a hurdle.

That’s why services like Bookroo are great. These businesses curate books and provide fun and appropriate books for children without forcing the parents to search for hours using individual book reviews.

Let’s look at what makes Bookroo a great subscription service for children’s books and how they do it.

What is Bookroo?

is bookroo good

Bookroo is a monthly subscription box service that delivers age-appropriate books for children.

The books that arrive each month are books the team behind the service believes are good for kids to learn and improve their reading skills and are for the families that receive them to keep.

In addition to these monthly boxes, Bookroo maintains an online store where parents can browse books from past boxes for on-demand purchases.

There is also a selection of discounted books purchased through bargains and opportunities the Bookroo team finds wholesale.

Why Get A Children’s Book Subscription Box?

New parents learn early on that many people recommend reading to or reading with their child as soon as possible.

There are several documented benefits to starting kids with reading early, including a broader vocabulary, improved language development, and a stronger bond between parent and child.

There’s something special about sitting down with your kids every night to read a little bit more of a new story to them. It creates fun memories for everyone and will be something you think about for years to come.

What Ages Does Bookroo Offer Books For?

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Bookroo offers a collection of books for different age categories.

From newborn to age 12, Bookroo has subscription book options for readers of any level. Each box contains at least three boxes appropriate for the age of the child.

They really focus on children’s books with their services.

Because of this, Bookroo doesn’t have the cluttered store that other book box services do.

Thus, when you go to their website, you’ll find two categories of products:

  1. their book subscription services
  2. the miscellaneous books in their bookstore

Book Club Subscription Boxes


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Bookroo offers four different subscription boxes for kids, depending on how old they are:

  • Board Book Club: This package contains three books made out of reinforced cardboard for readers aged zero to three.
  • Picture Book Club: For ages three to six, this box has two hardcover books with pictures and simple stories
  • Junior Chapter Book Club: For children between the age of seven and ten, this box has two hardcover books of beginner chapter books
  • Middle-Grade Book Club: Finally, this box has two longer, more complex chapter books for children between the ages of nine and 12.

The books come in a well-constructed and nicely branded box.

The boxes don’t contain any extra souvenirs or toys to clutter up the box, making the focus of the product the books.

The book Bookroo puts up each month is high quality and good choices to both encourage readers and push their reading skills each month.

In addition to their subscription boxes, Bookroo has a store.

In it, you can buy both old subscription boxes from the previous months as well as individual books left over due to inventory surplus or wholesale from publishers due to cosmetic defects.

The books from the store come in the same hardy packaging that the subscription boxes come in.

Since these books are the same quality choices that Bookroo puts into their monthly boxes, these books offer the same enjoyment and challenge their other selections provide.

Bookroo Pricing


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Bookroo charges a monthly subscription fee for its book boxes.

The price of the box depends on the type of book you purchase and how many of the boxes you want to pay for ahead of time.

For their board book and picture book subscriptions, the prices are:

  • Per month: $19.95 per month
  • Three-month prepaid: $18.95 per month
  • Six-month prepaid: $17.95 per month
  • One year prepaid: $16.95 per month

Each of these subscriptions also comes with a $5 shipping charge for every month you buy.

For the chapter books, Bookroo has these prices:

  • Per month: $24.95 per month
  • Three-month prepaid: $23.95 per month
  • Six-month prepaid: $22.95 per month
  • One year prepaid: $21.95 per month

Much like with the board and picture books, the chapter book boxes also require a $5 shipping fee each month.

Bookroo Pros

Bookroo offers a lot of benefits to both the children and parents that receive it, including:

  • The service comes with a lower price than most other subscription services like it, mostly due to their decision to exclude extras and toys
  • The books are age and developmentally appropriate for readers across all of their boxes
  • Bookroo operates efficiently regardless of what you need from them, including customer service and subscription cancellations and changes

Reviews are mostly very good, and parents and kids alike get a lot out of the service.

Bookroo Cons

Still, there are downsides to Bookroo that keep it from being a perfect business, such as:

  • Many of the stories that Bookroo chooses for younger audiences focus on animals rather than humans, which might feel repetitive for the parents reading to their children
  • Bookroo allows their customers to receive rebates for duplicate books in their boxes but doesn’t have a way to prevent duplicates in the first place

But most agree that the benefits outweigh these negatives.

Final Thoughts On Bookroo

Bookroo is a great choice for parents looking to find affordable and relevant books for their children to develop their reading skills.

Many of the books they choose are high-quality and feature lessons and stories that will spark insight and fun for their readers.

Plus, services like these are a great way for parents to remove some of the burdens of finding good books for their kids. Bookroo is a great choice thanks to their knowledge of children’s books and what makes a subscription service run well.

We used Bob Books and Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons which I highly recommend as well – check out our entire 2022 curriculum here.

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