Beginner French Flashcards With Pictures: Printable French Flash Cards

If you’ve used my Beginner French workbook with your child, then you’ll be interested to know that I have made some French flashcards to go with the workbook!

I initially made my Beginner French Workbook for my own daughter, after not being able to find the right French curriculum I wanted for her. My daughter has finished working through the French workbook now and has thoroughly enjoyed doing all of the fun activities in the book.

I thought it would be useful to make some flashcards of the words covered in the workbook, for her to use for revision.

I only wish that I had made them before she started using the workbook so that she could have used them alongside each lesson. But better late than never!

Beginner French Flashcards

printable french flashcards

These French flashcards contain the same vocabulary words that are covered throughout the Beginner French Workbook. There are 177 flashcards total, with bright colorful pictures.

You can use these flashcards with your child as they complete the exercises in the workbook. You can also use them once they have completed the workbook for extra revision.

If you are not using the Beginner French Workbook, then you can use these flashcards alongside any other French learning resources, or even by themselves, to start introducing some basic French language to your child.

These flashcards are great for:

  • Memorizing the vocabulary words
  • Playing learning games
  • Memorizing spelling and grammar
  • Conversation exercises between parent and child using specific vocabulary
  • Copywork writing practice

Please note that these flashcards, along with the workbook, are PDF download only, not a physical product. You can print out the flashcards, laminate them, cut them out, and then they’re ready to use with your child or student.

french vocabulary flash cards

French Flashcard Topics

These flashcards, like the workbook, cover 20 different topics:

⭐ Common expressions
⭐ Colors
⭐ Numbers
⭐ Shapes
⭐ Animals
⭐ Food
⭐ Seasons
⭐ Clothes
⭐ Days of the week
⭐ School
⭐ The body
⭐ The face
⭐ Transport
⭐ Nature
⭐ The home
⭐ Weather
⭐ Toys
⭐ Months of the year
⭐ Family members
⭐ Professions

French Beginner Workbook

french vocabulary flashcards

The Kindergarten French workbook is fun and engaging and will give kids a great introduction to some basic French vocabulary. The workbook covers the same vocabulary words as the flashcards.

The workbook covers 20 topics, with five pages of exercises per topic. There are 120 pages of French worksheets within the book. The workbook is suitable for kids anywhere from 4-8 years old, or older.

Kids can complete one page each day, five days per week, for 20 weeks. Or, they can do several pages a day and work through the book at a quicker pace.

The book includes two pages of French Monument Flash Cards, which can also be purchased separately if you don’t intend on buying the workbook. These are fun extra activities for kids to memorize the names of famous French landmarks, and for kids to learn more about France.

French Pronunciation Apps

If you have no knowledge of the French language yourself, but would still like to teach your child French, then you can download a French pronunciation app onto your phone.

You can type a French word into the app, and it will say the French word out loud so that you can then teach your child the correct pronunciation for that word.

french verb flashcards

The French app that I use is called ‘French Pronunciation.’

You can type in all the vocabulary words your child is learning for that week, and these words will be saved within the app.

Anytime you need to hear the word spoken out loud, just press the audio symbol. All of your vocabulary words will be saved and ready anytime you want to check the pronunciation.

All Of My French Resources

learning french flashcards

Here is a list of all of my French resources:

I hope you check out some of my other French resources listed above. My daughter loves doing these hands-on activities and she always learns a lot.

I’m excited to use my new Beginner French Flash Cards with my daughter so that she doesn’t forget everything we covered in the workbook. I hope you find these flashcards helpful for your children too.

Let me know some of your favorite homeschool French resources in the comments down below.

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