French Kindergarten Workbook – Teach Your Kids French!

We’ve created a book of French worksheets for kids and want to tell you all about it!

I loved learning French in high school and college, and my favorite overseas trip has been going to France. I wanted to share the passion I have for the French language and culture with my daughters too – that’s where this French Curriculum comes in!

Check out the 126 page printable in our online store here (can be purchased using PayPal, Stripe, or credit card) or see the listing in our Etsy store here.

French Worksheets

A couple of months ago I bought some French books and resources to start teaching my children some French. After receiving them in the mail, I wasn’t very happy with them.

One book was basically just writing French words and nothing else. I wanted a book that had a variety of fun activities to help my daughter learn some French vocab.

As I was thinking about how I could put all my resources together to make a year’s worth of curriculum, I suddenly had the thought, ‘why don’t I just make a French workbook myself?’

So that’s just what I did. I sat down and got to work, and a few weeks later I had created a fun beginner French workbook!

French For Kids

french for kids

The workbook is designed for children learning French aged 5-7 years, but can easily be used for preschool-aged kids as well.

These are fun and engaging beginner French worksheets that are full of colorful pictures. It will introduce kids to basic French vocabulary.

  • Includes over 100 pages
  • Covers 20 topics, with 5 pages of exercises for each topic
  • Includes 2 pages of French monument flashcards that can be printed, laminated, and cut out

While we are homeschoolers, using this as a homeschool French curriculum, this is not only a resource for homeschoolers. It can be used by anyone wanting supplementary French language worksheets for their children.

My plan is to have our kids complete one page per day Mon-Fri and cover one topic per week, for 20 weeks. Or, if they love it, they can do multiple pages in a day and go through the book at a quicker pace.

best french worksheets

Here are the 20 topics covered in the French activity sheets:

⭐ Common expressions – these are short and simple such as oui (yes) non (no)
⭐ Colors
⭐ Numbers
⭐ Shapes
⭐ Animals
⭐ Food
⭐ Seasons
⭐ Clothes
⭐ Days of the week
⭐ School
⭐ The body
⭐ The face
⭐ Transport
⭐ Nature
⭐ The home
⭐ Weather
⭐ Toys
⭐ Months of the year
⭐ Family members
⭐ Professions

french workbook etsy

Types of activities included in the workbook:

✔️ Tracing words
✔️ Writing words (words are provided at the top of the page for the child to copy)
✔️ Drawing simple pictures
✔️ Drawing lines to the correct answer
✔️ Circling the correct answer
✔️ Coloring the correct answer
✔️ Months of the year word search activity
✔️ Coloring the French flag
✔️ A song to memorize the days of the week
✔️ French monument flashcards

Kids French Workbook

best french workbook for kids

The instructions for each activity are in French, however, the activities are very basic and self-explanatory. It is not necessary that parents know French well (or at all) in order to teach this course to their child.

Looking up the correct pronunciation for each week’s vocabulary words will help your child learn the words correctly.

childrens french workbook

I printed this book out myself with my Epson WF-2630 and then got it bound at a local stationery supply store for about $3.00. So, it was very cheap to put together.

Here are some photos of what the inside pages of the book look like!

kindergarten french curriculum

The book is very colorful, clearly laid out, and perfect for young beginners!

french vocab printables

There are a lot of different age-appropriate activities.

french vocab for children

Phone Apps For French Pronunciation

For those parents who don’t speak French, simply download an app onto your phone to learn the pronunciation for all the vocabulary taught in the workbook.

Type all the words for each lesson into the app, and they will be saved there so you can listen to them at any time. Just click the audio symbol and you’ll be able to hear the correct pronunciation for each French word, and teach it to your child.

Children’s French Flashcards

I now have some flash cards available for all the vocabulary words covered in the Kindergarten French workbook! They are available in my shop.

Here’s a look at the French monument flash cards that are included for free in the French workbook. They will help your child recognize some of the most famous monuments in France.

Easy to print, laminate, and cut out.

french workbook for kids

I am super excited for my daughter to start working on this curriculum soon.

If you want to purchase these kids’ French worksheets, please visit our shop or Etsy listing.

It is highly beneficial for kids to learn a second language at a young age:

“Research shows that learning a second language boosts problem-solving, critical thinking, and listening skills, in addition to improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask. Children proficient in other languages also show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility.” Lead With Languages.

So take the leap and start teaching your kids French today!

All Of our French Resources

Here is a list of all of our French resources:

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