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The Secret of The Hidden Scrolls Series Book Review

We’ve been reading through ‘The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls’ series recently!

You have probably heard of the Magic Tree House series or Imagination Station. These are great adventure books where the characters are transported back in time, to different historical events, countries, and cultures.

We love these exciting, educational stories!

Recently, we’ve been reading another similar style series – The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls (here on Amazon). The characters in this series are also transported back in time – but in these books, they are transported back to witness biblical history.

The characters experience some of the most monumental stories of the Bible first-hand. Through their eyes, we can see the events of the Bible unfold and vividly imagine the details.

Here’s what you need to know about this series and why we love it so much!

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Series

the secret of the hidden scrolls review

What is The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series about?

It follows siblings Peter and Mary and their dog Hank. Their adventures start while staying with their great uncle Solomon, who is looking after them while their parents are away in Africa.

Great Uncle Solomon looks a little like Albert Einstein. He is an archaeologist and has spent his life traveling around the world.

During his time in Israel and the Middle East, he found many artifacts that prove the stories of the Bible happened. His house, especially his library, is full of these old artifacts.

While Great Uncle Solomon worked and traveled as an archaeologist, he discovered the Legend of the Hidden Scrolls.

The Hidden Scrolls can unlock the secrets of the past and prove the accuracy of the events in Biblical history. He decided that he must try and find them. After several years of searching, he finally found the ancient scrolls.

Only the chosen ones can open the scrolls and be transported back in time to the Biblical event. Peter and Mary discover that they are the chosen ones, along with Hank of course!

Peter accidentally breaks the seal of the first scroll in Book 1, and they find themselves transported back to the creation of the world. They watch as God speaks everything into existence and see the events that happen in the Garden of Eden.

In each book of the series, Peter and Mary open a new scroll and are transported back to a different biblical event in history. They must also solve the secret of the scroll before the time runs out, or else they will be stuck in the past forever.

Books in the Hidden Scrolls Series

book review hidden scrolls

There are 9 books in the series:

  • Book 1: The Beginning – This book is about the creation of the world, and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
  • Book 2: Race to the Ark – This book is about Noah’s Ark and the worldwide flood.
  • Book 3: The Great Escape – This book is about Moses, the Ten Plagues, and the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.
  • Book 4: Journey to Jericho – This book is about Rahab and the spies, and how the Israelites captured the city of Jericho.
  • Book 5: The Shepherd’s Stone – This book is about David fighting Goliath and the Israelites’ victory against the Philistines.
  • Book 6: The Lion’s Roar – This book is about Daniel and the Lion’s den in Ancient Babylon.
  • Book 7: The King Is Born – This book is about the Christmas Story and the newborn King in Bethlehem.
  • Book 8: Miracles By The Sea – This book is about Jesus and his ministry, his teachings, and miracles in Jerusalem.
  • Book 9: The Final Scroll – This book is about Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection in Jerusalem.

They can be purchased here on Amazon or at any good online book retailer.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Reading Level

These books are written for ages 6-9 (although my 5-year-old daughter loves them) and for reading level grades 1-3.

There are around 12 or 13 chapters per book. The chapters are short and easy to read, and there are pictures spread throughout the book.

Scripture Passages

At the back of each book are scripture passages you can reference.

You can read the true biblical account of the events that happened in the story and compare it with the book if you wish! Reading the scripture passages is great for a more in-depth study of the biblical events.

Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Kids

book review read aloud family

As part of our daily homeschool routine, we always incorporate a few chapters of a read-aloud that we are currently reading through. If you haven’t read the Read-Aloud Family (here on Amazon) then you really should get onto it!

The Read-Aloud Family discusses the many benefits of reading aloud to your kids, including:

  • Develops a strong bond between the parent and child
  • Exposes the child to rich and new vocabulary
  • Develops the child’s language skills
  • Teaches problem-solving skills
  • Teaches the child about history, different countries, and cultures
  • Teaches the child about how to navigate various social situations
  • Teaches the child empathy for characters and other people
  • Teaches the child perspective and how other people may view things
  • Helps children who have trouble with anxiety

Overall, it’s a really helpful book that all parents should take a look at.

An Exciting and Educational Adventure Series

The Hidden Scrolls series of books will be sure to hold your child’s attention, whether they are reading it by themselves, or whether you are reading the book aloud to them. These books will make the Bible stories you’ve heard and read many times come alive.

You will be able to vividly imagine the story in your head as you read it. As the story unfolds, you will notice many new details you may have missed when reading the Bible story previously.

My oldest daughter has loved reading through this series so far.

We recently finished book five, and I ordered the last four books in this series a few weeks ago, so hopefully, they arrive soon. My girls (ages 5 and 3) love acting out the stories from the books at my 5-year-old’s direction.

Until those last four Hidden Scrolls books arrive, we will keep reading through our current series – the Mandie mystery books!

Other Book Series Recommendations

Here’s some of our other favorite book series:

  • Magic Tree House
  • Imagination Station
  • Mandie Mysteries
  • Grandma’s Attic Series
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Little House books

What series have you loved reading with your kids?

Leave a comment below!

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