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Sea Monkeys: A Fun Homeschool Science Project

No childhood is complete without Sea Monkeys, and because we thought it would also be a good homeschool science project, we’re giving them a go.

When I was young, I had Sea Monkeys for about a week before the cat knocked them off the window sill. I’m hoping I can see them grow much larger this time!

Sea Monkeys Kit

sea monkeys kit

Sea Monkeys make for a really fun and exciting homeschool science project. There really isn’t anything quite like them and they truly are the ‘World’s Only Instant Pets’.

However, they can be somewhat disappointing as well. The real thing doesn’t exactly look like the beautiful colorful characters on the packaging!

They do have these things going for them:

  • really cheap to buy
  • easy to complete the process
  • very low maintenance
  • lots to learn about them
  • some early responsibility

We chose the Sea Monkeys Kit pictured above because that’s all that was available at our local big box store. However, there are a ton of different options available online – just check out Amazon to see the wide variety of kits!

sea monkeys pictures

Sea Monkeys don’t need a ton of space, so you don’t need the best 3 gallon fish tank or anything like that.

Learning About Sea Monkeys

buy sea monkeys

When we are intentionally trying to learn something, as we are with the Sea Monkeys, we take things slowly.

First we read through the instruction manual to pick up everything there was to learn there, and then we started the process.

  • First the water purification packet
  • Then the instant live eggs 24 hours later
  • And then we begin feeding the Sea Monkeys a week after that

After adding the eggs we took to YouTube to learn more about these creatures.

We were most surprised to find out that the eggs are actually in the water purification packet! It’s a bit of a trick so that the appearance of instant life is more readily apparent. This gives the new creatures a day to grow so that they are more obvious.

The second packet with ‘Instant Live Eggs’ actually just has a blue dye that settles on the newly hatched Sea Monkeys and makes them more visible!

Sea Monkeys Videos

Here are some of the videos we watched:

We didn’t learn much from this video but it was fun to see what they’ll be like in 30 days!

This is the video that we learned about the eggs being in packet 1, not 2!

It also gives a lot of history of the marketer behind sea monkeys.

And this video gives more great information on the biology of sea monkeys and their ‘inventor’ who was inspired by ant farm packs to package these brine shrimp.

Sea Monkey Pictures

Instagram is the best place to go for a wide variety of Sea Monkeys images and videos – #seamonkeys!

Here are 3 of our favorites…

Sea Monkeys On Mars is a popular Sea Monkeys Kit!

Even though they are not as colorful as the pictures, Sea Monkeys are still a great wonder to kids!

Feeding time for these healthy looking Sea Monkeys!

And when you go on holiday for an extended period of time, use an automatic fish feeder to take care of your pet.

Sea Monkey Science

best sea monkey kit

So this is our Sea Monkey science project. We’ve learned a lot about them already, but will continue to study them until we know it all!

We will also:

  • track the growth of the Sea Monkeys
  • make sure they are getting enough light
  • measure to ensure the water is within the correct range
  • feed them once a week on Sundays
  • track whether they start having babies

Have you had Sea Monkeys in your homeschool? Let us know about it down below!

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