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Our Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum for 2021

We’ve finally received all our books for our 2021 homeschool year, so today I’m sharing everything we’ll be using over the next year.

2021 Kindergarten Curriculum

2021 homeschool curriculum

Because we’re located at the bottom of New Zealand it can be hard to find everything we need. Most of these books come from the US as there are no NZ stockists or suppliers.

Shipping, especially in the Covid-era, is astronomical for heavy items such as curriculum workbooks. We debated buying digital copies to print, but have settled on buying the physical versions this year at least.

Here’s what we are using for our 5-year-old in 2021.

Language Lessons For A Living Education Level 1

masterbooks language arts curriculum

This is a Charlotte Mason inspired language arts curriculum from Masterbooks. It teaches phonics, writing, and grammar.

This L.A. curriculum comes with three beautiful picture books that will be read as part of each of the lessons:

  • Charlie and Trike in The Grand Canyon Adventure
  • The Door Of Salvation
  • Not Too Small At All

Foundations Phonics (a six-month course) can be completed first, and then Language Lessons can be done for the remaining 6 months of the year.

I used ‘Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons‘ to teach my daughter to read, which we loved! So, my daughter is now at a reading level which means she can progress straight on to Language Lessons level 1.

We plan to use the year-long schedule in the book, so we will use this book 3 days a week, instead of 5. For the other two days per week, we will work through Explode The Code level 2.

Math Lessons For A Living Education Level 1

math curriculum kindergarten homeschool

Math Lessons For A Living Education 1 is from Masterbooks (as is almost all of our curriculum!), and also Charlotte Mason style.

My daughter absolutely loved working through Math Lessons level K, so now we are continuing on with level 1. We love the bright colorful pictures, stories, and hands-on activities included throughout this series.

This course is five days per week, and each lesson takes 30 minutes or less to complete. My daughter is excited to do math so I know I’ve made a good choice here!

Adventures In Creation Level 1

homeschool kindergarten science

This is a science curriculum from Masterbooks, teaching science from a biblical, creation worldview. It includes lots of hands-on science experiments.

It covers topics such as the water cycle, the moon phases, photosynthesis, pollination, space and the planets, the human body, animal habitats, the atmosphere, and much more.

It covers all these topics within a biblical framework, giving God the glory for his wonderful creation. It includes scripture from the Bible and verses to memorize.

This is probably one of the books I’m most excited about! Each lesson takes about 20 minutes, and it is three days per week.

My Story 1

my story and the world around me level 1

My Story is an adventure-based social studies curriculum from Masterbooks.

It introduces kids to God’s world from a biblical worldview and covers many different countries and cultures.

It is laid out in such a fun way, with lots of big colorful pictures. There are 4 quests throughout the book that the child will find out the answers to.

It includes copy work, coloring, word finds, journaling, and lots of fun activities. It is about 30 minutes per day, five days per week.

More Than Words Level 1

more than words rebecca spooner

More Than Words is a Charlotte Mason inspired Bible Curriculum from Masterbooks.

It includes art study, poetry, drawing, coloring, hymns, character studies, and more. It teaches important Bible truths and includes scripture copy work.

This curriculum encourages children towards a deeper relationship with God, and also includes some cute flashcards with truths about God on them!

Each lesson takes 5-10 mins and it is four days per week.

Geography K

This Geography book is by DK workbooks.

I wanted my daughter to start learning some geography basics, so we will be doing a couple of pages of this small Geography book once a week.

It covers maps, directions, compasses, continents, deserts, islands, lakes, provinces, states, cities, and more.

Explode The Code Level 2

Explode The Code is a series of books that teach reading, handwriting, and spelling.

My daughter did so well with Explode The Code level 1 that we are continuing on with Explode The Code level 2.

We will be doing a couple of pages per day, two days per week, on the days we are not using Language Lessons Level 1.

Draw Write Now Book 1

This book wasn’t included in my picture above, but we will be using Draw Write Now book 1, once a week for art.

Each lesson teaches step-by-step how to draw something. Each picture has some copy-work for the child to write about the drawing, and for handwriting practice.

There are 8 Draw Write Now books, all on different topics, and they are really educational and fun.

Plus, when your child has completed a notebook full of drawings, it will make a really cute keepsake to show them when they’re older!

le français pour la maternelle

I love the French language and wanted to teach our children the language as well.

When I couldn’t find the type of beginner French curriculum for homeschool that I wanted, I decided to make my own French kindergarten curriculum.

This book covers 20 topics and introduces basic French vocabulary. It is designed for 5-7-year-olds, but could be used with even younger, or older children.

It has coloring, drawing, tracing, writing, and matching activities. It also comes with two pages of French monument flashcards that can be laminated and cut out.

We will spend about 15 minutes a day working on this book, as well as using other resources I have purchased, like the Usborne Big Book Of French Words.

As a side note, I have recently been trying out the Duolingo app to revise my French, and I absolutely love it. It is so fun!

Homeschool Curriculum 2021

So that’s what we will be using for all of our main subjects – Bible, math, L.A., science, social studies, geography, French, and art.

We will also continue reading through Story Of The World Volume 1 for history, as well as incorporating many more read alouds into our homeschool days. At the moment we are loving reading through the Magic Tree House series!

We also have a bunch of extra resources I’ve bought for 2021, but I’ll probably do a separate post on those!

Finally, as we head into 2021, take a look at the Mama Smiles ‘Word of the Year‘ printable – a fun activity that will help us all focus on the bigger things.

2 thoughts on “Our Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum for 2021”

  1. Hi there,
    Just wondering how this curriculum is going for you? We are in NZ too, in Motueka. Just wondering how you are finding Masterbooks curriculum for your 5 year old? We have a little girl and managed to get the Adventures in Creation in NZ but like you, most of it is from the US, so wondering if it was worth ordering it from there.

    • Hey Sarah, it’s so nice to hear from a fellow kiwi!

      We have loved using Masterbooks this year. Adventures In Creation has been our favourite subject by far, because of all the experiments! I do order all my books from the U.S., I usually order from either Book Depository, Christian Book, Answers In Genesis or Rainbow Resource – basically wherever I can find them. Sometimes the shipping is a lot, but it’s definitely easier than printing a 400 page book! Next year we are moving onto My Story 2, Language Lessons 2, and God’s design for life for beginners. The only thing I will be changing next year is the maths. Math 1 worked fine for my daughter, but I am interested to try The Good and the Beautiful’s new math as it looks a bit more engaging and fun. My daughter did do well with masterbooks math, but I felt like there was too much emphasis on copywork (though I do love copywork!), but that meant that it was not teaching other things instead. I’m hoping TGATB’s math will be more well-rounded and go over many more topics. Masterbooks math was also a little too slow for my daughter and she needed something more challenging and a slightly faster pace. Overall though we love Masterbooks and especially the Charlotte Mason aspect of it!
      All the best,


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