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Monti Kids Review – As Seen On Shark Tank & The Pitch!

Monti Kids is a premium Montessori toy subscription box!

You can sign up while pregnant to receive the first box for age 0-3 months, and if you continue with the service you will receive a new box every 3 months. The ultra-high quality toys are tailored to your child’s age and stage in order to best further their development.

Here’s everything you need to know!

MontiKids Montessori Subscription Box

While you don’t have to start with Monti Kids with the first box for 0-3 month olds, most people do!

The first thing I want to know when I hear about a product like this is, ‘what do I get?’ So check out the following unboxing of the first Montessori subscription box by founder Zahra Kassam.

You can really tell the quality of the toys, and how well thought out and researched the toy choices are, can’t you?!

The have been designed by Montessori experts to best support your babies brain development, as well as the other facets of growth.

The Montessori method is a way of helping children to develop their cognitive, physical, linguistic, social, and emotional abilities. It is focused on self-directed activity, learning through play, embracing creativity, and developing independence.

Montessori homes and classrooms offer age-appropriate activities to guide children in learning how to learn!

The First Monti Kids Subscription Box

montikids review

The first Monti Kids box contains the activity gym which is designed to hang the 4 Montessori mobiles at just the right height for your baby as they grow.

The gym is made from birch plywood and can be put together without any tool. The pieces all fit together without screws or nails and can be broken down just as easily.

Alongside the gym and mobiles, the first box comes with:

  • 4 reaching, grasping, and kicking toys
  • 2 rattles specially designed for babies hands
  • A short video explaining the toys
  • 12-week digital course for parents
  • coaching for child development experts
  • access to the amazing Monti Kids support
  • Shipping to your door!

The Next Levels

monti kids review

If you were to stay subscribed to Monti Kids all the way through from 0-36 months, you would received 8 boxes of Montessori toys and activities.

All the way through, your toys are designed by internationally-certified Montessori educators to be perfect for your growing children.

The toys are as safe as they can come, using:

  • sustainably-forested wood
  • non-toxic paint
  • recyclable packaging
  • and made in an award-winning factory

Monti Kids Shark Tank

The first that I heard of Monti Kids was on The Pitch Podcast – an audio version of Shark Tank. However, a few months prior to going on The Pitch, Monti Kids Founder Zahra Kassam had been on Shark Tank!

Here are the highlights from the episode.

Zahra ends up making a deal with Kevin O’Leary for $200,000 for 2.5% of the company, plus a $10 royalty until $200,000 is repaid.

It’s an exciting episode and worth watching if you can find it, otherwise I recommend the podcast episode meeting with The Pitch Investors!

MontiKids Price

The cost of the Montessori Subscription Box receives some criticism, which is understandable.

At $297 every 3 months for a new box, it is by no means cheap. In fact, it’s quite expensive. Unfortunately this means it’s out of grasp for many families. However, the price is not unjustifiable.

MontiKids toy are:

  • extremely high-quality
  • made from high-caliber materials
  • designed by experts
  • manufactured in a safe factory
  • shipped to your door

You are getting a ton of value in each box, so if it is within your price range you have nothing to lose.

MontiKids Review

Monti Kids Montessori Toys is so much more than toys – it’s entrance into a community of moms and dads who want to give their children the best start in life.

Your children will love these great toys and play with them endlessly. You should definitely try out a box and see what it’s like in real life.

You are not obligated to continue with the subscription service beyond your first box if it doesn’t suit your family. So what are you waiting for, try Monti Kids today!

For more Montessori fun, learn about the Montessori floor bed or check out this pre-school learning folder I put together for my girls!

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