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Montessori Floor Bed Ideas For Toddlers And Kids (Including The IKEA KURA)

A Montessori bed is a bed that gives your child greater freedom of movement. It’s an alternative to a crib, and, from a young age, your toddler can get in and out of bed at will. As a side benefit, there are fewer tears when they fall out of bed… as one of our kids frequently seemed to do!

The IKEA KURA Reversible Bed is a big favorite of those planning Montessori bedrooms for children. While it’s not designated Montessori by IKEA, it has all the hallmarks of one. Here’s what you need to know about the KURA and other Montessori floor beds with rails.

Montessori Beds For Children

floor bed reviews
Floor bed ideas for toddlers

The Montessori method emphasizes independent exploration and learning, and a floor bed is often a key part of a Montessori bedroom. Instead of a traditional raised bed, a floor bed is typically at or close to the level of the floor, allowing a child to climb in and out of bed easily on their own. This gives them a sense of independence and control over their environment.

While IKEA may not sell a specifically designated “Montessori floor bed,” some parents have used models such as the KURA reversible bed (which can be set up low to the ground or up high as they grow) or the SNIGLAR crib (which can be converted into a low toddler bed) to create a Montessori-style environment.

When I first heard about Montessori floor beds I imagined a regular bed or crib kitted out with wooden mobiles, reaching and grasping toys, and other wonderful Montessori toys. But no, that’s not what this is… It really is simply a bed that allows children to come and go as they like.

Take a look at these examples.

1. IKEA KURA floor bed

The Ikea Kura bed is popular among those wanting to create a Montessori-inspired bed that’s on the floor.

As you can see, the Kura is a reversible bed. This means that while young the mattress or “bed” can be on the floor. The bed then “grows with them” and you can transition the bed up top leaving a play space underneath. Some people even use it for two children, simply buying an extra mattress as the floor bed.

2. IKEA Montessori Bed

The IKEA Kura is made of pine and comes with white panels that can be installed or left out. Some people further customize the bed by painting the pine or buying accessories.

3. IKEA KURA Hacks

ikea kura roof bed accessories
Source: NewSwedishDesign on Etsy

One accessory or hack for the KURA is to turn it into a house bed. On Etsy here you can buy an IKEA KURA roof. Once installed it can be draped with blankets or linen and make the space into a real hut.

4. IKEA Toddler Floor Bed

montessori bed decoration ideas
Source: IKEA KURA listing

IKEA even sells these bed tents or bed curtains for use with the KURA reversible bed. The MEISTERVIK mattress is the one that’s compatible with the bed and there are protectors, sheets, pillows, and everything else you might need.


ikea floor bed for toddlers
Source: IKEA SNIGLAR listing

The SNIGLAR is the perfect crib to use in a Montessori style once your child starts to move. A barrier can be put up on the open side, but it can also be left as in this picture. The crib is very low to the ground and kids quickly learn how to get in and out.

6. Floor bed with accent wall

These Montessori toddler beds are awesome against that stunning wall art. A nursery accent wall is a perfect complement to a small floor bed – there’s nothing worse than plain walls in a nursery or kid’s bedroom!

7. Styling a room with a low bed

How lucky is this kid to have such a wonderful bedroom?

It’s a beautiful example of what can be done with a Montessori floor bed. You can “tour” the whole room and see a range of other Montessori toys and features. The soft rugs under the bed are another good way to provide cushioning against the laminate flooring.86. Montessori bed with rails

You can choose to have a Montessori floor bed with or without rails.

Rails are a good idea if your child moves around a lot in their sleep and may help avoid accidents, though if you start with the Monti bed early they are likely to adapt quickly. However, I think the rails make the space feel a bit cozier.

9. Swedish Montessori floor bed

This is an incredible example of a twin or double Montessori bed – great for those with 2 children.

It looks like one is slightly larger than the other, but most people aren’t having twins and usually have one child smaller than the other. That’s the case with us!

10. Simple Montessori bed idea

This simple Montessori bed is perfect.

Your baby, toddler, or young child can pop up out of bed and start playing with their toys when they wake up, rather than needing to cry or call out. Some edges may need to be covered to avoid accidents during the stage when they’re falling a lot.

11. Cheap floor bed idea

This floor bed example is super simple.

It’s just some comfortable mats, but it looks fantastic. As long as your child can’t get trapped between the layers and can safely get in and out, it more than does the job.

12. IKEA Floor Beds

best ikea floor bed ideas
Source: IKEA KURA listing

The IKEA KURA floor beds are definitely the most popular option for parents seeking the best Montessori floor bed. They’re affordable, adaptable, beautiful, and customizable. Plus they can grow with your kids or be used for two children.

Montessori Floor Bed Philosophy

What is the philosophy behind the Montessori bed?

The idea is that children will be able to make more choices and develop their independence. They will have more control over when they get in and out of bed and must learn to make good decisions.

It’s also about respecting the child and giving them freedom of movement – to an extent! Obviously, we don’t want them to be free to roll down the staircase or touch a hot fireplace!

They can move out of bed, and in keeping with other principles of a Montessori bedroom, they will have access to a range of age-appropriate toys.

For more info about this, you should definitely learn more about Monti Kids – a Montessori toy subscription box.

What Age For A Floor Bed?

montessori floor bed ikea
The floor bed trend is only growing

What works best for one family, is not best for another, and everyone has a different ideal age for transition to a floor bed.

Some families will have their baby co-sleeping from a newborn and then move their baby to a floor bed between 3-6 months.

Others (like us), have their children in a bassinet or Moses basket and will transition around 6-12 months.

Still others will keep their children in a crib until they grow out of that, between 2-3 years, and then move them to a floor bed.

The point is, everyone is different, and there is no ‘correct’ answer!

Montessori Bed Dangers

best montessori beds
Floor beds can also make comfortable reading areas for kids

As with anything, there are risks, and it is important you take the proper precautions if you choose to use a floor bed for your child.

Because your child will be able to hop out of bed at will, the room needs to be ‘toddler proofed‘.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • removing choking hazards – small toys that may get stuck in their mouth
  • taking away furniture the child could climb up, or furniture that could topple
  • removing furniture that children could get their hands stuck in – rocking chairs, for example
  • ensuring stairs are fenced off, or other drops outside their bedroom
  • not allowing pets into your baby or toddlers bed as this could pose a suffocation risk
  • covering electric outlets so children cannot place anything inside of them

We are not professional child safety or Montessori experts, so it’s important you do your own research into the risks of floor beds.

Many parents choose to install a camera in their child’s room in order to monitor things once they leave the room.

This can be a good idea, especially when using a floor bed.

Toddler Floor Bed

A toddler floor bed might be just what you’re looking for – if you’re attracted to the Montessori method and philosophy, give it a go!

You don’t have to rush out and buy the Ikea Montessori Bed or anything like that, you can start simply by putting a mattress on the floor and testing it out. That’s what we did!

Some people cut pool noodles to the size of their mattress and slip them under the sheets to start off with. This keeps your baby or toddler from rolling out of bed in those early days.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments down below!

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