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The Lovevery Play Gym | 3 Great Play Areas In One!

The Lovevery Play Gym is one of the most popular Montessori-style gyms. It’s brimming with features that will encourage your baby to develop those early skills which are so important.

The Lovevery Gym is designed to grow with your child from birth up to one year old, having an ever-changing range of activities, games, and surprises.

Let’s find out if the Love Every Play Gym is right for your family!

The Lovevery Play Gym

The Lovevery Play Gym is an extraordinary play gym!

While it is very easy to put together, requiring no extra tools, it is on another level when compared to other play gyms.

This is a vibrant, colorful, sensory masterpiece designed to stimulate children in all the right ways.

It has been designed by child development experts who know what will help your baby to develop at each stage. It also comes with ‘The Play Guide’ that will help you to easily put everything to good use and give you loads of great ideas!

The play mat and wooden gym frame are the main parts of the overall structure. The mat, however, is so much more than a mat!

Lovevery Play Mat

The Lovevery play mat has 5 sides, or ‘development zones’, each with a unique task, game, toy, or activity.

lovevery mat

From the top going clockwise there is the:

  • focus zone for slipping in age-appropriate cards to support visual development
  • color zone with 8 different colored tabs to explore
  • touch zone which has different textures for playing with
  • sound zone that can be kicked or pressed for squeaks
  • hide & seek zone for hiding and finding items in the pocket

Each of the sides is a flap that can be folded back on itself to encourage your baby to focus on a particular area, or to avoid overstimulation.

The mat, gym, and accessories are all made of baby-safe materials. They are free from flame retardants, BPA, lead, and phthalates.

The chewable accessories are made from 100% organic cotton and silicone. The mat itself is made with polyester materials that have been batch-tested to ensure they are completely non-toxic.

The Lovevery mat is a great tool for helping your baby develop their sense of touch and feel, sound, and vision. Their gross motor skills will be challenged and there’s no doubt they will grow!

The Play Gym

The gym frame really finishes off the mat and makes it something great.

It’s made of sustainably sourced wood that has been seal with a non-toxic finish – if your baby is a nibbler they’ll be alright!

It is simple to put together and requires no screwdrivers or drills. You can see in the ‘how to set up the Lovevery Play Gym’ video above exactly how quickly and easily it goes up.

love every play gym

There are 8 or so other items that can be hung from the gym:

  • a wooden batting ring
  • an organic cotton teether
  • Montessori black and white ball
  • teething rings
  • the black and white card set
  • mirror card set
  • common objects card set
  • faces card set

The cards can be clipped to the top of the gym (clips provided) when baby is on their back looking up, or inserted into the ‘focus zone’ during tummy time. Remember, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own cards to slip into the pockets as well!

The play guide, which also comes included, will give you direction on what items to use for each age and stage your baby is at.

The Lovevery Tent

lovevery play gym

The fun doesn’t stop with the Lovevery gym – it can even be turned into a tent or fort with the play space cover!

The play gym cover is easily attached to the frame and has various exits or entrances. It turns the gym into an even more exciting area for babies and toddlers alike.

Lovevery Gym Reviews

Overall, the Lovevery Play Gym makes a wonderful addition to any baby’s kit!

While it could be considered costly, there is so much value included. It lasts a long time, can be used for multiple children, and might be an essential player in your baby’s development.

If you have friends or family who are looking for the perfect gift to give your newborn, tell them to get the Lovevery Play Gym!

You can find it on Lovevery’s online store (includes free shipping in the US) or over on Amazon.

If you’re lucky, you might even be able to find the gym at Good Buy Gear – they sell high-quality used items for babies and children.

We hope this has helped you to see if this product will be good for your baby. You might also be interested in MontiKids – a Montessori subscription box for babies and toddlers!

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