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Kids’ Bathroom Ideas: A Clean And Fun Space for ALL Ages!

One thing is for sure, kids get dirty no matter what they are doing.

In fact, it seems like they attract dirt even in the cleanest of spaces! You may make bathtime and teeth brushing a scheduled priority each and every day, but many children love to avoid taking care of personal hygiene simply based on their inability to understand the importance of it to their overall health.

This is especially true after taking part in cool, hands-on experiments and learning. Help refocus their hesitation towards staying clean with a bathroom that is all their own. Creating an environment they enjoy can help get them into it more often so you aren’t wondering where ‘that stink’ is coming from as they walk by!

Best Kids’ Bathroom Ideas

Take a look at a few of these cool ideas to help get you inspired!

1. Simple Theme Additions

kid bathroom themes

One way to simply change up an existing bathroom decor is to pick a childish, whimsical theme (or better yet, let your child pick it) and add a few budget-friendly details to the room.

A shower curtain, towel colors, a print or two to hang on the wall, and bath mats are all options that can transform a bathroom to be more child-friendly!

2. Matching Decor Bath Sets

kids bathroom ideas

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If you love the idea of simple bathroom product additions, but struggle to put together various items, consider bathroom sets that are already coordinated for you.

Shower curtains, bathmats, and toilet seat covers are already included in this particular set, and all you need to do is add a touch of bright color here and here and you are all set!

3. Wall Decals

Wallpaper and paint can be messy, expensive, and seriously time-consuming. Plus neither may date well, especially with a growing child.

Enter the wall decal!

These awesome peel and stick decals made with adhesive vinyl don’t leave behind a residue and can be placed on whatever wall you want to customize. Plus, they are easy to remove once your child outgrows them.

4. Beach Themes

boys bathroom ideas


Beach and water inspired themes are always fun since they kind of go well with the idea of bathtime, plus this works well for a bathroom that doubles as a guest bath!

Look for decorative mirrors and fixtures, color palettes, and fun wall decorations to finish off the looks. Let your child pick and choose from various details to help personalize the space.

5. Choosing Color

bathroom kids

Let’s face it, most bathrooms are a boring neutral color without much imagination.

However, changing up a color palette to reflect a more fun and whimsical space isn’t too difficult. Take a look at bright, vibrant colors and use them as highlight pieces in tile, trim, and decorative detail!

6. Bring Stories To Life!

modern kids bathroom


Do your littles have a favorite story, or does a classic tale sit on your bookshelf to be forever cherished?

Why not bring that story to life in your bathroom decor for everyone to enjoy! Many matching items can be easily found when you shop around, and pictures, decals, and small figurines add to the overall effect.

And here are some Very Hungry Caterpillar printables for other crafts!

7. Mix and Match


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The beauty of childhood is the incredible amount of imaginative products that exist to bring just about any vision to life.

Not a fan of a specific theme? No problem! Gather together all the best of a child’s world and showcase it in a bathroom for all to enjoy!

8. Guest Bathroom Solutions

children's bathrooms

Does your child’s bathroom double as a guest bathroom?

Look for bold color schemes and simple decals with a neutral theme to accommodate all who plan on using the room. Cute wall hangings and towels can round out the experience!

9. Budget Update

kids bath tile

Source: Flickr

Working on a tight budget, but tired of a blah bathroom scheme that your child avoids like the plague?

Update a curtain and floor mat with something unexpected and in bright colors to add a splash of something new. You can always add to the look when it is more convenient.

10. Making Use of Unexpected Tile

kids bath tile

Some tile choices show their age quicker than others, and none more so than those that are dated within a certain era.

Replacing tile is expensive and time-consuming, but view your bright or unexpected tile as a happy accident and tie it into a colorful decor that your child will love. Use neutral-colored mats and towels, but add fun characters and whimsical creatures to the details for added interest.

11. Never Underestimate a Shower Curtain

kids bathroom remodel

Source: Amazon

Another budget-friendly choice, just the addition of a new shower curtain can change the entire way a bathroom looks.

The sheer size of space a tub takes up provides the perfect backdrop solution to the rest of the room. Let your child choose their favorite and watch them be excited to go into “their” bathroom for all necessities.

12. Simple Color Scheme

If you aren’t interested in constantly having to update a bathroom every few years to accommodate your child’s ever-changing and growing likes, consider a simple color scheme change.

Use one or two basic colors to highlight walls, furniture, towels, and small details to help personalize the space.

13. Building Independence

Don’t just decorate for your child, make it child-friendly too!

If your little one is old enough to trust with drawers and cupboards, consider labeling storage areas for them to be able to replace toilet paper, find cleaning items to help clean, and put back towels and bath toys!

14. Work With Existing Tile Color

kids bathroom tiles


If your bathrooms have an existing tile scheme that narrows down your options, don’t be disappointed!

Rather, look for some simple options that help complement the color scheme to make it an enjoyable space for you and your children to be in.

15. Rental or Temporary Space Solutions

kid bathroom colors

Living in a home that is only rented or temporary? No worries! Simply look for some colorful or fun additions that won’t require an altering of your lease agreement, or waste your time.

Stools, wall decor, colorful storage areas, and towel or bath mat options are all ways to get what you want without a hassle.

16. Colorful Walls

kids bathroom mirror

A bathroom is a small space to paint and doesn’t generally take much time if you are considering it.

Look to paint a highlight wall a bright color, or paint the whole thing a color your child helps you pick out. Make it bright and sunny if in a smaller, enclosed area, or choose a deeper hue to provide depth if natural lighting is bright and illuminating.

17. Decor to Grow With


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Pick and choose from whimsical themes that can grow with your child and provide a space that works for all who will use the room.

Fruity, seashore, or garden are all neutral options and provide a lot of decor and color choices you can work with. Don’t forget super cute wall quotes and hangings to add to the effect!

18. Don’t Underestimate a Good Wallpaper

kids bathroom pictures


Never underestimate a good wallpaper that can work with the changes you may want to apply to a room once your children grow.

Designs that inspire seashore themes, gardens, or other outdoor landscapes are all easy to find and can be used for full or half walls, as well as borders to help bring your vision to life.

19. Bring Bathtime to Life

boys bathroom ideas


Make bath time more enjoyable with interactive things for your child to do.

Either work with a theme or create separately various additions to the tub for engagement while getting clean. Lego building and play is a great way to let your child soak and look forward to washing away all the dirt each evening.

20. Customized Tile and Fixtures

little boy bathroom ideas

When revamping a bathroom area, why not add whimsy and fun to it?

Not only can it be enjoyed by your children, but also for visiting adults as well. Look for fun tile and unique sink and tub fixtures to round out the overall effect.

21. Storage and Fixture Combo Use

boy bathroom ideas


Good advice for any small bathroom, take advantage of those specialized fixtures that combine storage in their design.

This also provides you an easy way to add color, or even small murals if you love to paint and have an artistic talent. As your child grows, you can always sand it down to repaint whenever you want.

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