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Good Buy Gear Review: New And Lightly Used Baby And Kid Gear

Good Buy Gear is an online marketplace for buying and selling quality-used and open-box baby and kid gear. The aim of the service is to provide a sustainable and affordable way for parents to access goods that their children may only need for a short period, such as strollers, toys, clothing, and other equipment.

The process is designed to be simple and convenient: sellers can drop off or have their items picked up, and the Good Buy Gear team will inspect, clean, price, and list the items on their site. Buyers can browse the site and purchase items, which are then shipped to them directly. In addition to individual buyers and sellers, also works with organizations and brands to help manage their inventory of open box, returned, or overstock items.

The company was co-founded by Jessica Crothers and Kristin Langenfeld in 2016, and is based in Colorado, United States. It aims to promote sustainability, save parents money, and reduce the time and stress involved in dealing with unneeded or outgrown children’s items.

Good Buy Gear totally legit and there are thousands who love the service. Review reviews
Find cribs, prams, and car seats on Good Buy Gear

Good Buy Gear is for both buyers and sellers of quality used baby and kid items. It’s designed around the concept of helping parents buy and sell essential items with a minimum amount of hassle. What sets them apart from other marketplaces is that they do all the hard work.

If you’re looking to sell an item, you don’t have to take any pictures, design a post, or interact with potential buyers. All you do is select a day to have your unwanted items picked up, and they do the rest. Or, if you’re looking to buy an item, they have a simple and easy-to-use online shop featuring thousands of items like playpens, strollers, cribs, and toys.

For example, if you’re looking for a Carter high chair for your little one, Goodbuygear has what you need. Wanting to check out good high chair alternatives? It’s likely they have options for those too. They offer a large variety of inventory, from gently used to new, and their pricing is driven by the marketplace, not profit margins. Each product listing is designed to provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision about your purchase.

How Does Good Buy Gear Work?

Good Buy Gear offers nationwide shipping on most items and local delivery and curbside pickup at their fulfillment centers. Right now, they operate out of Denver (Colorado), Brooklyn (New York), Washington (DC), and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) but they are expanding. If you would like to see them expand to your locale, you can easily add your area to their waitlist.

However, not all parents are currently looking to buy. Some parents have accumulated so much stuff that they can barely find room to sit down. So they need to downsize, but they don’t know how. Should they just throw things out? Or should they try to sell it?

With other online marketplaces, selling means a lot of work. Photographing items, setting prices, dealing with bidding, and maybe even meeting with potential buyers. If your city is supported, Goodbuygear will come and pick up your items on a day and at a time that works for you. Then, they do all the processing and sell the item on your behalf.

Once sold, you get paid! Your payment is 85% of the sale price and can be paid out in either store credit or cash, it’s your choice.

Good Buy Gear Brands

good buy baby gear reviews stock a range of top brands

Good Buy Gear stocks a wide range of brands, reflecting the broad array of children’s items available on their platform. Among the popular brands they carry are:

  1. Fisher-Price, known for its toys and baby gear.
  2. Graco, recognized for their car seats and strollers.
  3. Baby Jogger, famous for their range of strollers.
  4. UPPAbaby, a brand that specializes in high-end strollers and car seats.
  5. Chicco, offering a variety of baby gear like high chairs, car seats, and strollers.
  6. Bugaboo, renowned for their premium strollers.
  7. Bumbleride, producers of eco-friendly strollers.
  8. Evenflo, a company known for their car seats, strollers, and baby carriers.
  9. Britax, a brand specializing in car seats and strollers.
  10. Medela, popular for their breastfeeding supplies.
  11. Skip Hop, offering a range of baby gear and accessories.
  12. Melissa & Doug, a brand known for its educational toys.
  13. Little Tikes, famous for their playhouses and other toys.
  14. Pottery Barn Kids, offering high-end children’s furniture and decor.
  15. OXO Tot, a brand that focuses on feeding supplies and other baby gear.
  16. Nuna, recognized for their premium baby gear including car seats and strollers.
  17. 4moms, a brand known for their innovative baby gear.
  18. Peg Perego, offering premium car seats, strollers, and high chairs.
  19. Ergobaby, a company recognized for their baby carriers.
  20. BOB, known for their jogging strollers.

These brands provide a range of items that cater to the different stages of a child’s life, from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond. However, given the nature of Good Buy Gear’s business, the availability of specific brands and products may vary based on what sellers have provided.

Good Buy Gear Cons

There are some limitations, though. They don’t accept certain items, like car seats, stuffed animals, clothing, or well-loved items that may be stained or broken. But they do accept working toys, furniture, cribs (made after 2011), gear, and equipment.

Even if your city is not currently supported by one of their warehouse locations, you can still easily buy and sell hassle-free. To make a purchase, visit Goodbuygear on the web. Or, to offer an item for sale, take advantage of their upcycling trade-in program. The process is a little different but it is still convenient.

If your kids are no longer using one of their accepted items, download a prepaid shipping label, fill it out, and drop your package off at a convenient FedEx location. You will be sent a gift card in the mail. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Good Buy Gear Pros

GoodBuyGear is all about reinventing how parents buy and sell gently used baby and kids’ gear. They understand how easy it is to accumulate items that are essential at the time but quickly become less important.

When you’re shopping with Goodbuygear, no matter what you’re looking for, you’re covered by their stress-free guarantee. They also offer a stroller warranty, so you have nothing to be worried about if something goes wrong.

They’ve been featured in major media such as The Wall Street Journal, Colorado Parent, ABC News, and the Denver Post. The limiting factor in their success is the number of parents they can reach, so you might want to consider taking advantage of their referral program.

The brand even offers a subscription program. You can sign up to receive texts or emails about promotions, deals, news, and Good Buy Gear coupons. By shopping or selling through Goodbuygear, you’re also joining a community. Alongside their extensive catalog of gear, they also maintain a blog series with relevant articles for parents and their families. Their articles are helpful and informative.

What Else Can I Buy Or Sell?

good buy gear for babies
Find the best deals on Good Buy Gear

This program isn’t limited to just little-kid stuff.

Say you’re looking to buy a bike trailer for an upcoming trip with your teens. You have narrowed your choices down to Xterra bike trailers or Master Cycle bike trailers. But you don’t want to spend top-dollar on a brand new trailer to use once for a bicycling trip with the family. Try looking at Good Buy Gear!

There is probably another family that is selling the trailer they used for their trip last year. Everyone knows kids lose interest in things, but that doesn’t mean you need to hold onto stuff you’re not using. Even if the item isn’t currently available, they offer a notification option that will inform you when it is back in stock. And, if you already have a bike trailer that you’re looking to sell, they have you covered too.

You will also find products that are usually really expensive a lot cheaper. For example, Lovevery Play Kits, the Lovevery Block Set, or the Lovevery Play Gym are all usually quite expensive when brand new. When they’re available, you can pick them up for a fraction of the price on

Good Buy Gear

By offering a robust marketplace and a welcoming community for parents, Goodbuygear is helping thousands of families to easily buy items they need and extend the life of great gear that would otherwise get thrown away or left to gather dust.

Rather than looking at your kids’ stuff as disposable, upcycle it to another family that needs it now. By doing so, you can own less, for less, and keep your home free of clutter.

Their mission is to reinvent how parents and families shop. By shopping or selling with Goodbuygear, you’re doing your part to reduce consumerism, and saving yourself time and money in the process. Make sure you visit them here today!

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  1. Great article! I’ve used them and love them! Wanted to let you know that they have recently changed some of the items they accept, for instance no cribs, changing tables or large furniture.

  2. Fantastic review! As someone who’s been eyeing the Good Buy Gear for a while now, I found your in-depth analysis incredibly helpful. Your recommendations are spot on, and I appreciate the detailed comparison with other products in the same category. I think I’ve made up my mind to give it a try, thanks to your review. Keep up the great work!


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