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Animal Island Learning Adventure Review | AILA Sit And Play

Animal Island Learning Adventure, or AILA for short, is an interactive preschool learning system.

It’s an AI-powered program that grows with and adapts to your child’s needs. AILA sit and play has been designed to reflect a preschool experience while offering a range of great benefits and bonuses.

In this post, we’re sharing everything you need to know about this fun learning companion and parenting tool (which can be found here on Amazon).

Animal Island Sit And Play

Watch the above video about Animal Island Learning Adventure to start getting an idea as to what this product is all about.

To begin with, these are some of the big benefits of this pre-school learning system:

  • subscription free
  • ads free
  • hands free

There is the one-off cost of purchasing the device, but no ongoing subscription cost. There are other products similar to AILA, or other children’s phone apps, for which you must pay an ongoing monthly subscription. The one up-front payment for AILA is the better alternative in our opinion, and you get free updates for the life of your device!

The fact that this is ads-free is another essential feature. Many kid’s learning apps or online games do contain ads. Maybe you don’t have to pay quite so much up-front for these products, but we don’t want our toddlers being bombarded with advertising.

AILA’s hands-free stand is yet another super important feature. Toddlers can’t hold a phone or tablet and complete tasks at the same time – something I have trouble with when my kids are using the Reading Eggs app. It’s not very nice to have the device laying flat. Animal Island solves this by having the perfect stand as part of the device!

What Is It?

So, ultimately, what is AILA and what does it do? – an important question!

Animal Island is a creative and engaging way to start teaching your children how to read and count, all the while expanding their vocabulary and increasing their understanding of the world.

The recommended age for use is listed as from 12 months all the way to 8 years old.

The program focuses on literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional development. There are new adventures each day wherein your child will sing along, read out loud, and even dance!

They will learn their ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes, and stories presented to them by the colorful animal characters that they will come to know and love.

The different characters take different lessons, a bit like teachers in a school.

  • Mr. Goose is enthusiastic and kind and takes literacy and stories
  • Monkey is energetic and athletic and takes communication and activity
  • Pig is creative and adventurous and takes colors, art, and dance

Plus four more exciting and memorable characters taking other lessons like critical thinking, friendship, numbers, and so on.

This program is said to prepare your child for preschool or school, but it’s just as useful for those planning on homeschooling as well.

Animal Island Features

animal island learning adventure review

One of the more unique features of AILA is the AI learning technology. We’ll dig deeper into that below!

Developed by educators and innovators, these are the other great features:

  • Adjust and monitor the learning sessions
  • App for connecting to parent’s phone
  • Parent dashboard
  • Includes video monitor
  • Lullaby mode
  • Track milestones
  • Read-aloud stories included with plus
  • 20 sing-alongs

AILA AI Software

It’s easy to see that the AILA hardware is unique, but it’s the AI software that is truly special.

The software learns what stage your child is at and curates the appropriate content for their level. It remembers what they have done and how they fared, and can take some disciplines to the next level while working to reinforce necessary skills at others.

The benefit of this program is that it encourages them forward in their strengths while allowing them to spend a little longer on the areas they are weakest.

All children are better at some things than others (as are adults, of course), and do not generally do well at everything at the same time. The AI aspect of AILA keeps things in perfect balance and doesn’t require your constant attention or monitoring.

Animal Island Learning Adventure Review

Animal Island Learning Adventure

Overall, we think Animal Island Learning Adventure is an excellent way to start teaching your children in an entertaining but effective manner.

While it’s important not to give children too much screen time in their early years, just the right amount will help them to grow and develop what they need for the future.

Check out these other great baby gadgets that can make parenting easier, safer, and a little more fun!

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