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Amazon Prime Day Homeschool Deals 2022: Tech, Books, Stationary, MORE


ALL Homeschool Deals here – including deals on books, stationery, technology, and tons of other stuff for kids and parents.

Let’s get into the homeschool deals!

Amazon Prime Day Homeschool Deals

prime day board games
There are SO MANY board games for sale this Prime Day – view them here

There are a ton of excellent deals for homeschoolers this Prime Day!

Here are some top deals that are live now:

And here are some more cool deals!

early prime day deals homeschoolThis Kindle for kids is one of the big early deals for Prime Day 2022.

It’s designed only for reading, so it’s not a typical tablet. There are no ads, games, or videos that children can switch over to.

Better yet, it’s so cheap right now!

prime day for babiesIf you’ve got Play-Doh on your to-get list, it’s your lucky day!

This mega set of Play-Doh is 31% OFF.

It’s 24 tubs of different colored Play-Doh that will keep kids entertained for… at least half an hour.



butterfly garden AmazonThese insect kits are on sale for Prime Day.

There are butterfly sets (“watch caterpillars change into butterflies”), ladybird kits, ant farms, bug-catching sets, and so on.

They are all highly educational and fun for kids.


best prime day sports for kidsIf you need to encourage the kids to get outside for a run-around, grabbing them a sports kit might do the job.

There are many different sets discounted for Prime Day including soccer, badminton, table tennis, and all the rest.

They are also a great chance to spend time as a family having a laugh.



homescool prime day dealsThese handy purple disappearing glue sticks are ultra reduced!

The purple glue helps kids to see where they’ve glued but then the color disappears as it dries.

Perfect for those 3 – 5-year-olds that are still getting the hang of it.



prime day best deals for schoolThis is the ultimate box of crayons – over 800 of them!

It’s one of the many sale items on offer from S&S Worldwide Education Supplies right now. Other products that are on sale for Prime Day include paint, colored paper, board games, chalk, and hundreds of other things like that.



prime day craft deals for children

For those with older kids (or for yourself), the Cricut EasyPress is on sale now.

I have 3 EasyPress machines (different sizes and versions) and they are a fun way to make DIY clothing designs at home – on top of all the other fun things you can do with them.


More deals for mom and dad:

prime day deals for kidsIf you or the children need a new laptop for homeschool, now’s the perfect time to grab one.

There are many that are hugely discounted for Prime Day, including Acer, Samsung, HP, ASUS, and Microsoft laptops.


prime day kids dealsDeals on books like Draw, Write, Now for helping children learn to read and write.

These resources are really good for helping children grow in confidence and understanding.

They are already reasonably cheap, but they are even cheaper on Prime Day!



homeschool resources for sale on prime dayBob Books are another great deal if you have young children.

We used these books on our kids when they were from 3-5, but they can be used earlier or later depending on what stage your kids are at.

There are many other resources for teaching children to read on sale for Prime Day as well.



homeschool prime day dealsThe Answers For Kids books by Ken Ham are another great set we’ve been using.

It’s a collection of 8 books that answer tough questions from Creation and the Fall to the Bible and Astronomy.

They are really put together, and when on sale are a good Prime Day deal.



prime day kids dealsRainbow Loom Kits are on sale for Amazon Prime Day.

They’re pretty cheap anyway, but it’s still nice to get them at a good discount.

These kits are amazing and are bound to keep your girls busy for hours. Check out these Rainbow Loom tutorials to see what’s possible if you’re not familiar with them.


prime day kids bikes 2022Children’s bikes are another deal that always comes up on Prime Day.

Do your children need a new bike, or perhaps their first bike?

Best to get it while it’s on sale, right?



prime day montessori kids dealsThere are always deals on Montessori toys for babies and children as well.

As we all know, these types of products are usually really expensive, so it really is best to wait to buy on a sale day like Prime Day.

There are so many different types of Montessori Toys that go on sale, so it could be an opportunity to buy gifts for others as well.


prime day kids furniture saleAmazon Prime Day might also be a good chance to buy needed furniture.

Children’s beds (as well as beds for mom and dad) are another type of deal that frequently comes up on Prime Day.

Whatever type you’re looking for, it’s likely there will be a Prime Day bed deal that suits your family.



homeschool organization prime dayWhiteboards and planners for homeschool are yet another good deal on Prime Day.

If you don’t already have one but think it could help you out, grab one!

We use our whiteboard A LOT in our homeschool, and my youngest loves solving problems on it – it’s a good way to keep her engaged.


prime day storage dealsAll homeschool parents love storage and organization… or at least the moms do!

If you’re like us, there’s never enough room to store everything, and these trolleys are really handy for rolling away when you’re done, and then rolling back out when you start again.

There are a ton of different deals on offer with carts of all shapes and sizes.


homeschool supplies prime day 2022Educational posters are a good way to brighten up a homeschool room and might help some children to engage with the content better.

There are many different posters and charts that you can order over Prime Day.

Some are covering math, some are focusing on shapes and colors, some are teaching things like the days of the week, and so on.


homeschool books prime dayAmazon sells a lot of different homeschool curricula, so double-check if yours goes on sale on Prime Day.

We mostly use Master Books, which I don’t think will be involved with Prime Day, but other brands will be.

Also, if a certain series isn’t working for your child, it might be a good time to test out something else.



good books for prime dayThere are also many lovely hardcover educational books that go on sale for Prime Day.

Usbourne Books are really worth checking out, especially their fun books with flaps – younger children really learn a lot from those.

Or if there are any sets of novels you think your kids will love, check if they’re on sale!


Amazon Prime Day 2022

Early Prime Day Deals will be starting soon, and that’s an idea of the types of deals I’ll be sharing.

Why pay full price later on in the year?

Prime Day is a great opportunity to pick up some deals and save some money – though only if you get those things you were going to get anyway!

Also, while the focus has been on the children in this post, don’t forget to look after yourself.

There are always a lot of excellent home and garden deals as well!

If you’re not already a Prime member, sign up now, as it’s only for Prime members.

*Also, check out these home and DIY Prime Day Deals, and if you have pets, these awesome Prime Day Pet deals!

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